Do you have a message that you know Forbes would enjoy?
What an HONOR to be in their TOP 50 Social Media Influencers in the entire world today!
The excitement just doesn't end this month, does it?! OH MY GOODNESS! I just received notice from Forbes that I was honored with a position in the TOP 50 influencers in the world on social media!! What an honor!
There's no better way that I know of to impact the world than social media. More than 2 BILLION people are on Facebook and there are more than 400 MILLION tweets per day on Twitter.  Better than any direct mail piece I've ever written, more powerful than any email blast and easier to manage than any post card mailing- social media is instant, with 100% deliverability and it goes directly to your ideal clients.
As many of you know, earlier this month Forbes also awarded me as one of the Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers in the world! Do you want to know why they paid attention? Because we grew our following AND ridiculous engagement in less than a year! 
It's time my friends that you get your message out in a BIG WAY! Social media has never been as big as it is RIGHT NOW. What you do for the next 12 months could COMPLETELY change your businesses future!
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