PR: Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencer Shares How Facebook Marketing Has Changed Communication For Brands, Artists and How Business Is Done Globally

 Sandi Krakowski, Indiana resident, has been featured three times in the last 30 days in  Forbes for her unconventional marketing methods. Recently featured as both a Top 20 Women In Social Media and one of The Top 50 Social Media Influencers in the world by Forbes, it’s plain to see her methods not only work, but marketing experts are paying attention.

In a recent interview by Forbes she shared how she built a business page which serves over 120,000 people in under a year, “Social media is a process of good relationships, copy that speaks to your ideal clients and truly caring about your audience.”

Living in Indiana among a small community she shares how this inspires everything she does, We went from 10,000 on Twitter to 114,000 because everything we do works synergistically together. My personal FB reach was at 5000 (FB limit) but only  1118 of my friends are connected to my FB business page. (We shouldn’t spam  our personal pages with business) This shows that the clients we’ve attracted to  my Facebook page are there for business and not just friends ‘hanging out’. Our  model teaches, “Loving Your Customers” just as the merchants of old used to do when everyone came on horse and buggy. Giving personal touch on all of our  platforms built substantial growth overall.”

Typical engagement ratios on most business pages through Facebook range between 4-8%. Krakowski boasts a ratio of engagement with more than 50% of her entire audience, paving the way that reveals the golden thread of relationship is still working.

A direct response marketing and internet expert for more than 17 years online, she’s no stranger when it comes to good customer service, brand presence and marketing strategies.

Being connected to their audience, Sandi Krakowski and the entire A Real Change staff pay careful attention to their following. “One thing I teach,” says Sandi “is check-in for 5 minutes, every hour.  Then if you’re posting 8 x per day, that’s less than an hour per day. 5 hours per week on social media. We won’t lose our life or our focus that way.  It also keeps us very connected.  As my following grew I made it a priority to spend 2-3 hours per day interacting.”

This top social media influencer is changing the way business is done!  Even with big brands, relationship matters. Krakowski shares daily on her Facebook and Twitter feeds how to connect, engage and grow a following for any business.

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