The Value Of Purposeful Rest In Building A Big Business

By: Sandi Krakowski

I have a personal question to ask you.  When is the last time you took a purposeful rest? You might be racking your brain right now with questions like, "Purposeful rest? What does that mean? Is there such a thing as non-purposeful rest?"

Let me help you out. Purposeful rest is taking rest on purpose. It's the kind of rest you schedule into your calendar, your staff knows about and it's just as critically important as a speaking engagement.

There's a problem I see while coaching hundreds of thousands of people through our newsletter and the clients I work with one on one….. people rarely take rests. If they do take a rest, it's approached with the value of a take out meal- you know, take it or leave it.

For many business owners rest is just plain not permitted. The belief seems to be that a business owner never rests, doesn't get holidays off and sick days just don't exist. So when one begins to discuss a topic like "Scheduled Purposeful Rest" these sentiments are ignored as ridiculous.

My response? Tell that to someone who was given a year to live. Share that with the overworked and overstressed business owner who just had a heart attack. Life has a way to teach the best lessons. Let me break it to you simply- you can either take purposeful rest times or life will force you to rest. 

My family and I are traveling home today after a very exciting event with over 210 business owners in Dallas, TX this past weekend. We've given our all during the entire weekend and are so grateful for the opportunity to serve everyone. Today….. with full purpose and attention,  I'm getting rest on purpose!

I'll see you on Thursday with more strategies on how to make more money, attract the right clients and build a life you love! God bless you, your family and your business.  


Sandi Krakowski