Irish Twins Soap Company

Product Review: Irish Twins Soap Company

One of my most favorite things to do when I owned our kitchenware stores back in the 90's was to do product reviews.  Recently I got the idea that we could impact more than 100,000 companies who have created their own products with a review.

Today's review will not only give a great business lesson but it will also show you critical factors in getting your product and company out to the marketplace!

When these soaps arrived I was VERY excited because I've used slow-pressed old fashioned soaps exclusively for a long time. With sensitive skin and a strong conviction against chemicals, it was a nice treat to be a able to sample these products.

Scents: The scents are marvelous! Not overpowering or harsh. They also aren't just foo-foo fruity scented. While I love fruit and fresh scents, my house of guys don't typically appreciate it as much as I do. *wink* The scents are mild, refreshing and some of my favorite essential oils from Young Living were also used! 

Texture: This is something I always pay very close attention to. If a soap isn't shaped and softened a bit the experience isn't as enjoyable. These products are soft, even and easy to hold in a shower or a bath. Great for washing hands with- not too big or too small.

Quality:  When making slow-processed handcrafted soaps there's a critical thing to pay attention to. Did the manufacturer let it process long enough? Did they rush it? You'll know if your skin burns or feels irritated that the soap wasn't quite finished or it was rushed. The quality in the Irish Twins Product was 100% on my personal score. LOVED IT!

Sandi Krakowski Product Review

Bathtub Factor: Because I enjoy my hot baths after a long day of work and taking care of family, I pay attention to this. Does it melt in the tub? Does it dissolve quickly? I don't want my good products going down the drain! I also don't want soap that doesn't even suds up or is filled with chemicals so it lasts for too long. This product was amazing!

Packaging: This is a BIG issue for me. I want natural soaps but I don't want cheap, hand written packages that look like someone threw them together in the barn. UGH. These are wonderful! Very professional, easy to read and green!

The Irish Twins Soap Company did a fantastic job with these products! We even tested the soaps with fresh Kombucha in it! DIVINE!!!

Holly, our in house PR Specialist loved them as well… I shared them with her because she's busy planning her wedding with Justin and needed these special treats. These make great gifts and are a wonderful addition to any families pursuit for more natural products.

The prices are modest and the quality is outstanding.

BIG NOTE for the product owners- Get a new website please. Go through our WP classes and get it done. YOU deserve a more professional online face.  Love you guys! You can't afford to not give yourself that professional edge you deserve!