Facebook's New Open Search Feature

Facebook's New Open Graph Search Feature

Preparing your timeline and your website

By: Sandi Krakowski

It was two years ago when I said that WordPress and Social Media channels together were unstoppable for SEO, organic traffic dominance and wonderful lead generation!

Six months ago I told our private coaching students that Facebook was about to become the most robust, world changing search engine of the world. They would single handedly snuff Google out!

So when the news broke that Facebook was indeed creating a search feature and all the wonderful benefits this provided for businesses, our "in Box' and client care ticket system began to buzz with activity. People wanted to know 'what to do next' and ' how could they monetize this'.

Here at A Real Change International, Inc it's always been my intention to build a sustainable long term business. Customer centric has always driven us farther than beating any competitor. Creating the best results for and with our customers is always our focus.

This is why several months ago I began to teach my private coaching students why the #hashtag used in InstaGram, Twitter and other places online would be VERY robust in leading Facebook Search. Just a casual look at what is steering and driving InstaGram and the fact that Facebook owns the company makes it easy to see.

We also began to teach people that 'silly hashtags' might be fun but they really weren't going to do anything for your SEO, for your search on Facebook or the organic traffic that the right connections between Blog- Social Media – Facebook were going to create.

Promoted posts, Sponsored stories and engagement have been our focus in our current classes.  Facebook states that the ENGAGEMENT REACH of a Business Timeline Page will determine where someone ranks on the search graph.

With an engagement of more than 75% we're teaching our clients how to not only create relationships that last, but build a community that connects, every single day.

Funny isn't it? Relationships. They help FUEL search on new search engines!

Get your blog done. Connect your social media channels as we teach. Go through our Social Media Cash Conversion Class and build your Timeline with our PPC class. It's an AMAZING time to be online, serving the world and loving our customers!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

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