This is a personal message… from me to you. Please take time to hear my heart.  

A POVERTY MINDSET holds so many people in prison! It makes me so sad!



The cycle of poverty starts when we're very young & we're programmed to say, "I can't afford that, it's too hard, that isn't something we can do, there's no way, we're not able to do that, we shouldn't do that or be like that" and more. It can come with things such as improving our life, losing weight, breaking an addiction, making more money, breaking out of gender stereotypes like we see with women, going beyond what our family has always done, being different than our neighbors or friends and more! 

The TRUTH IS THIS: I was massively in debt and very broke financially when I built my first business. But the risk I took to sell things I had (even things that were important to me) was smaller than the risk of staying where I was!! When I started publicly speaking and teaching the Word of God I had to break through religious stereotypes and more! But the pain of staying silent was far greater than the risk of being judged and spoken against. Not everyday has been a bed of roses! 



I have lost money along the way, made mistakes, self-sabotaged myself and even accommodated people who tried to stop me. I have had mentors threaten me and lie about me, people who came into my life to try to stop me, say what I do is silly (like wearing pink hair, loving my customers, working with my family, bringing God into my business, taking time off when everyone else worked 90 hours per week) but I knew DEEP IN MY HEART that God Himself called me to this! He has never failed me! He wasn't giving me a lottery ticket or a magic ball. He was giving me SUPERNATURAL ability however on top of my natural. He was with me every step of the way! Be very careful when the first thing that enters your mind is all the reasons why you CAN'T do something or you can't be more. 



Be willing to RADICALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Go without things. DO with LESS so you can become more! Don't look for a handout! Be willing to pay the price! COUNT THE COST!!! Go the extra mile! This… this will break the cycle of poverty. 



With love,



Sandi Krakowski



Sandi Krakowski, Facebook Marketing Expert