Facebook Algorithms and Page Post Engagement Ads

Post Engagement Facebook Ad Secrets

I've been working with more than 500 people in my Social Media Inner Circle Coaching program this month, giving them weekly tips for growing their business. However the biggest thing they seem to be enjoying every single week, are my ad writing secrets I share.

Today I'd like to give you a tip of how to be more successful with Facebook's Post Engagement ad feature.  You'll find this in the ad manager as shown in the picture above. The tips I share below will help you recover from Facebook's recent algorithm changes and increase your engagement very quickly.

Some of my students this month are seeing a 467% increase for less than $10 per day!

Here are my top 7 tips for successful ad writing tips:

1. The goal is to get more people to your page. Stop trying to sell to people through your ads. If you build community and relationship on your page, sales will occur organically. Focus on connection, relationship and let things go from there. You'll see higher conversions and less people unliking your page.

2. Use a good picture. Don't have too many details in the photo, remember Facebook's policy that says you can't use more than 20% of the space in the photo for words. Bright colors that contrast catch people's attention and increase conversion. Stay away from black and white, dull and too detailed. Logos are not a good idea unless you're a nationwide household name, please.

3. Target new groups of people for 3 days to see what happens. Test, test, test and do NOT guess. Use a $10-$100 per day strategy and then build from there. Some of the best ads our clients are seeing they tested for $10 per day for 3 days and then turned them UP to $ 50 a day and increased sales.

4. Don't go over 10 million or under 100,000 on your targetting if you're using a small budget. The amount of people you target should be correlating with your buget. The more you spend, the more you can target. Start with this range and go up from there.

5. Always remember to target ONLY English speaking clients, unless you run a biligual page. BIG mistake people forget and waste money. 

6. Bid on the ad at the mid-range. Don't be dooped by Facebook's suggestions. Test out low, mid range and high. Play with it! You're in control.

7. Target television shows your clients watch, books they read, magazines they're subscribing to and reading online. Go for CULTURE and not product. Readers of Harvard Business Review are also into exercise and finance. How do I know this? Because I've been studying psychographics for years as a copywriter. What motivates one to build a business or run a company also motivates people to change their personal life and habits. 

Have fun! Don't let your emotions get attached to your ads for crying out loud. This is business. Test test test. Don't guess. Learn as you go. Once you've written 100 ads you'll start to understand the art of ad writing. Once you get to 1000 you'll be shocked at all you know! (which would happen in under a year!)

Give it time, big success isn't instanteous. Go for long term.

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski





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