The BIGGEST and most powerful Emerald Membership we've EVER done goes live!

Oh my gosh.. I am so excited I can't hardly stand it!

In this month's February 2012 issue you'll find-

Pinterest & Making Money With Your Blog!  

My 5 page article and detailed training which is going to show you how to use Pinterest for your business, how to add it to everything we've already taught you and how to monetize it as well!

Many of my clients have followed a few simple steps I shared recently inside of our Inner Circle and have opt ins and purchases coming in like crazy!

So I'll be sharing with you 5 pages on how to not only use Pinterest but how to make money with it!

Also included are some step by step questions you need to answer to make sure your Pinterest account is set up for business… you're gonna love it!

Included is a one hour Mp3 or CD training, depending on which version of the Emerald Newsletter you have chosen, sharing with you secrets that have made us to date thousands of dollars on Pinterest and a ton of new Opt Ins! This is crazy stuff! The biggest reason it's crazy is because ANYONE can do it!

Then…. Bill Glazer, one of the best copywriters and marketers in the entire world will be sharing with you some secrets he has taught me, as my personal mentor. Come peek behind the curtain of one of our recent campaigns as he shares with you how to do a survey and sell anything!

Bill will be sharing with you what he taught me in a private, closed door session on how to use surveys to get right to where your clients are and 'read their mind'. Then with that survey he shares a 3-step process that is undeniable in any market!

Learn to sell ANYTHING with Bill Glazer's training on surveys!

If that wasn't enough we have our regular contributors and 24 pages of POWER PACKED CONTENT!

It's live NOW! February 15th… if you're not a member yet, become one now!

This is going to kick many of your businesses into overdrive!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

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