Many of you have been hanging out with me all day today on Facebook and Twitter…. and as you've been with family, or maybe some of you were alone, you saw that I have been sharing some of "Momma Sandi's Wisdom" for business.

I've received quite a few emails, DMs and posts on my wall to share this in one post that you can come back to, copy and use everyday!

So here it is… my Mother's Day gift to you!

I really love you guys, you've changed my life.

Momma Sandi

P.S. At the top of this page is the AWARD my son's gave me today! Along with an amazing dinner by the lake, the movie The Avengers last night (OMG it was great!!) and some of my FAVORITE perfume from Dolce Gabbana, Light Blue! I was totally spoiled!! 🙂


Momma Sandi's Wisdom For Business

You don't have to always have the last word, have the last smile instead! 😉

Never ask others to do what you yourself are unwillingly to do!

Some people you just gotta refer to your competitors, honey! It's the only sensible thing to do!

Speak kindly to yourself & about yourself. YOU are your biggest asset in your biz!

Everyone you hire won't be a perfect fit. Some will be initially & then outgrow you, or you them. Move on!

You can't do it all on your own. You weren't designed to so stop trying to prove you can. Get some help!

Hire people who care about the value they bring to your company. Then, help them to succeed!

We all make mistakes. Be quick to forgive yourself just like you do others. You deserve grace too!

Pay yourself a 10% "mad money" account that you can go crazy with! It will keep you from going crazy! 😉

That thing driving you crazy in someone else is what you wont clean up in your own life!

Ask God to partner with you in everything you do, especially biz, and He'll put SUPER on top of your natural!

You were uniquely deigned with a passion & a purpose. Find it & you'll discover your dream life & biz!

Work with those you love and love those you work with. It's worth every step!

Get your eyes off your competitor and back on your customer unless you wanna go broke!

Do what they said could never be done!

It's about people, not products or brands. Serve them, listen to them, love them.

See the best in people always! No matter what, look for it. It's there!

You outsmart your competitors by serving people better than they do & caring about what people care about!

Without marketing you're not in biz. Always set aside your marketing budget each month!