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Mom Working From Home Stops Working 80+ Hours Per Week And Increases Income! (you can too!)

I'll never forget that day as long as I live.

She sat in the front row at our event in Dallas, TX April, 2012. Her eyes were glued on me. Her heart was wide open…. and she was taking notes like someone on a mission.

"Who is this woman?" I thought several times in my heart….. "She is so focused, so ready for a change. I have to find out who she is. "

Later that night, Rochelle Griffin enrolled on the spot, paying cash, into our Millionaire Mastermind…. and in the upcoming weeks I would have the honor of finding out not only WHO this woman was, but who she was designed to be become!

Her story was not unlike the painful struggles I had been hearing about for the last three years. Later that night she'd share with me what the big problem was.

"I built a big business but now have no life.. " she started through tears…"I know that social media can work for business but everywhere I turn the only method anyone uses is on the phone, prospecting all day long, phone – phone-  phone- phone. My son said he HATES my business and the multi-six figure check isn't worth it anymore! Can you help me?"

She began to cry even more. "I mean how can I keep doing this if my son hates what I created?" 

I remember when PJ McClure and I chatted about her determination and her commitment to helping others succeed… and my heart was heavy.

"She's prospecting and closing people all day long, leading people through the exact same method that EVERYONE knows in their heart is exhausting them…. and social media is where EVERYONE hangs out all day. WHY IS IT that the company doesn't tell these reps that social media is how THEY themselves are building their business?! It makes me mad and makes me want to cry!"  I told PJ…… my frustration level was at an all time high because I knew that even the best trainers, coaches, companies, brands were using social media….. we were using it full time…. and these home business professionals were STILL using the phone, wore out and weary! PJ and I continued to talk…

"Many on her team are not only making hundreds of dollars but they're making thousands of dollars, FAST! I mean hullo?! She's helping people win vacations and bonus checks and everyone in the Corporate Office watches her very closely!" and then I said it….. with so much concern my stomach hurt…..

"But for how long?"

That was my next question.  PJ replied as he does oftentimes with just a few words, "Until she crashes or she just flat out walks away from it and quits.'

WOW…. that hit me right in the gut. I remember doing that….. prospecting and closing myself into a 7 figure income fast in direct sales. With a 9 year track record in business, I had spent just over 30 months in the industry of direct sales. There came a time when my business hat had to go back on and I had to do something because what I was doing was NOT going to last for years.

And I remember the day I laid on the floor in my office and said, "FORGET THIS…… " and determined to stop living this insane existence of traveling all the time, on the phone as my only way of making money….. winning bonus pool after bonus pool and the only thoughts that were constantly on my mind were, "What is my closing ratio? How many leads did you close?"

As a very successful internet entrepreneur I KNEW in my heart, there were many more ways to make money online than spending my day on the phone… and in the age of social media? Hullo? No one ELSE wanted to be on the phone either. 

Rochelle was in the middle of her own nightmare. But could social media really work for a home based business like hers? 

She was working 80 hours per week. Her son resented how much time she was spending on the phone. Her loving, supportive husband was really concerned because she couldn't, no matter what she did, stop………. until I showed her the secrets that we currently use, and that our clients are using, to make millions of dollars through social media in ANY business there is.

Yes, you heard that right.  

Millions of dollars without being on the phone all day, sacrificing family, traveling from city to city for event after event every 3 weeks! She stopped and YOU CAN too!

Her son is SUPER proud of his Mom and she is planning a mountain vacation away…. AWAY from it all, while her MULTI-SIX FIGURE BUSINESS continues to grow because of her Social Media Marketing Plan we've taught her step-by-step. She's gone from $180,000 in income to over $400,000 in income with just 30 hours per week!!

Is YOUR BUSINESS running you? Or are YOU running your business?

If you are ready to make more money, work less hours, spend more time with family AND live the life you deserve… go through the EXACT same steps Rochelle went through in the last year. As she can see from above, her BEST results have come from our PPC class!

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With love,
Sandi Krakowski

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