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Mobile Marketing Territorialism 

I see it everyday.

People walking through airports, in Walmart, at church, the hair salon… the list goes on. Attached to their phone. Looking into their phone as they walk into a pole in the middle of the store. Checking something online before they purchase in person. What has that friend posted tonight on their Facebook profile?

In my 18 years of building successful businesses online I have to be very honest with you, I've NEVER seen anything like it.

People love their smartphones! And with good reason! You can do everything in the palm of your hands! Some people have even thrown away their laptop and gone completely mobile with nothing more than a smartphone and a pad device. 

So what does this mean to us as marketers?

Pay attention to what I will refer to as "Mobile Marketing Territorialism".  It's kind of like a dog marking his territory around the house where he lives. He marks the bushes, the street, sign poles, the trees. Get what I mean? That's what it's like.

Their Facebook profile and their InstaGram page and their Twitter feed. It's theirs. Don't mess with it. Don't pollute it, infect it, interrupt it or for goodness sakes, take them AWAY from it!  

If you're doing ads, promoting something in their feed, using some of the best marketing options I've also EVER seen in 18 years through Facebook or Twitter, be wise. Be discerning. Stop talking in your language, you will interrupt their focus.

If they are scrolling through their feed reading what their friends say and the people who are most like them (because studies show that is what we LIKE and FOLLOW on socia media) if you come out of left field talking in YOUR language and what is common to YOUR culture, it will not only interrupt them, they'll get mad. "HIDE THAT AD" is what they'll click on. 

It's like riding your bike down your favorite well worn path and then there's an empty soda can in the road. "WHAT?!" you think to yourself… interrupted from the Bono song playing in your headphones as you have to now swerve and go to the left. The momentary interruption hits you physically, emotionally and even subconsciously. And it's irritating!

Mobile Marketing Territorialism teaches us to be very careful what we do in the process of advertising and make sure it does NOT look like an interruption, but more of a 'normal part of their environment'.

It means you're gonna have to study people. You'll need to really care. Time to lean in my friends. Stop interrupting people and thinking they'll love you! They won't! They HATE interruptions. 

But give them something valuable, exciting, inspiring and motivating in the MIDST of their regular day on social media and they will have a hard time refusing you. They'll follow, like and begin to engage with you.

Before you do anything else, thank God. Yes, I mean it. Thank God for allowing you this honor. Relationship. It's the glue on social media. If you write an ad or a post that goes right into the middle of someone's territorialism and they trust you, you've served well. Don't take it lightly!

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With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski