A few months ago I started playing around with some day trading. Now before you get all nervous about that term, “playing around’, the reason I was able to just jump in is I realized from my Kolbe score and my experience that what I do so uniquely (and out of the box I might add) with Facebook Ads is EXACTLY what would make it super easy for me to make some money in stocks.

I started with a small deposit of only a few thousand dollars, which ironically is what most people will invest into any viable business. In just a few days I was making $500 per day, and it was so easy I wondered if something was broken.

As is often the case, I found out the hard way that you cannot sell when you get nervous, you can’t turn it off (like I do in Facebook ads) and you have to BE PATIENT. I didn’t lose any money, really, because the amount lost was still less than the amount I had gained. But this taught me a very valuable lesson that I’ve learned as I’ve made millions of dollars in business. WAIT. PAUSE. Then, STRIKE! Strike hard and don’t look back!

The waiting phase tends to be one of the hardest for small business owners. They want to make money NOW, despite the fact that they’ve never made any money in business before. They’re fed all kinds of nonsense through marketers all over the world promising instant success and they get a defeatism mindset when it doesn’t happen for them. When all they had to do is learn, endure, wait, keep going, keep learning, keep applying what they learn and be willing to GROW!  This also holds true with day trading.

If you can wait long enough, and you can see a pattern and a trend, you will win. But if fear governs you and doubt makes you do stupid things, you’ll lose. Every time.

It’s quite prophetic, really. God is showing us a lesson in life as well. Can you grow? Or will you fall? Will you trust and act on what you know or will you doubt and hide?

I’m going to be sharing how I’ve been able to make over $15,000 now in day trading and how you can start earning a great earning of $200-300 a day with some simple steps. This will be a part of my Inner Circle. 

Of course I need to tell you a disclosure here- I do hold stock in the company listed above. They didn’t pay me to say so. I am investing in them. Imagine if we had a private Facebook group that is a part of Inner Circle, but a separate group, and we could share our watchlists. What if we could see simple tips that are identical and I mean IDENTICAL to what you’re doing in Facebook ads to make enough money to pay for all of your ad spend?

That’s what I’m talking about baby! HA! 🙂 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski