We created more than $24 million dollars in sales with ONE STRATEGY God gave me for Facebook ads. Now…. I’m getting a download on wisdom for Facebook Live that I can’t wait to share with all of you! 

We’re talking about LIVE Facebook video ALL month in my Inner Circle Small Business Academy. One of the things I LOVE to do is put my own money out there to test things that I can create results for our customers with. We break rules, make mistakes, test the algorithm and then report to YOU how to save money and get more conversions! So….  I’ve done tests in the last 60 days spending $75,000+ and have found that FB Live! dominates anything I could ever do pre-recorded. The NEW STRATEGY that God is showing me is that relationship demands connection. We know that. NOTHING is as good as being there in person, face to face.  

But we can use the ‘next best thing’ for our marketing campaigns, our ministries, our events, real estate and more! I GOT my new house and my GWagon doing the transactions via FaceTime because I didn’t wanna take time away from my office. So I trained my agents and sales rep to take my info, sign documents, and essentially close the sale via video! LIVE FaceTime video! Which is where Facebook Live steps in! Keep reading……. 

Your clients are using FaceTime and Skype more than anything else- more than regular phone calls, text messages and DMs! It’s a let down to talk to someone and not be able to see them LIVE! on FaceTime! Their Facebook! 

And…….. it’s a much lower connection. People can read into things, misunderstand tone and more when only using email, sales pages and text print. This happens in relationships with people we love AND now….. if we’ll pay attention, with business.

LIVE video I believe is the small business owner’s saving grace! You get farther reach, Facebook puts ALL live videos to the top of the feed and you can make more money quickly- which helps to build your business and your dreams faster!  

We created more than $24 million dollars in sales with ONE STRATEGY God gave me for Facebook ads. He’s recently been showing me strategy for Facebook LIVE! I’m super excited about this month with my Inner Circle students! Have fun with it. Love your customers!!!! Have relationship with people. Selling your product, coaching, event, service, etc is so so so much easier with people we are having relationship with and serving already! 😇

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I’m sending you love and blessings today!
Sandi Krakowski