My journey back into remission, fitness & remaking my life!


Many of you have followed my journey back into remission after I ended up in the hospital this past October… 

And some of you are so new to us, you had NO CLUE I was fighting for my life again…. while I was helping you build your blog.

You can read the entire story here:

What you might not realize is this…. back in 2001 the doctor's didn't know if I was going to make it…. and then in 2004 I was declared disease free from some very powerful diseases like Lupus, Chrohns and more…

And this was a big fat blow to my courage to be sick again….. and then…

I picked myself back up and did what I know to do!

Here's me in May of 2011:

Not to shabby, real cute, a size 13, doing pretty good.

And then I started my weight loss journey at the same time that my symptoms began to get upset… and I was going good… holding bay… and got down to a size 12. But I was getting sicker and the inflammation in my body was growing…

Then in October, this is when I landed up in the hospital… as you read in the story above… take the time to read that entire story. It will bless you and maybe encourage you…

And with the support of friends, doctors and most of all, ALL OF YOU…. I started my journey back into remission on October 15, 2011 at a size 12. 

I began to follow Jordan Rubin's "Guts and Glory" program referred to in my Emergency Room story above.

I followed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to a tee.

I took MASSIVE natural anti-inflammatories, most of if not all the supplements I took are also listed on that page. Sonne's #7, FYI by Garden of Life, Primal Defense, Digestive Enzymes, Cinnergy by The People's Chemist and more!

And now….. just a little over 2.5 months later….

I'm a tiny size FOUR for crying out loud!! I'm STRONG, fit and lean!!!

I've got more energy, I'm happy and I'm FULLY IN REMISSION!!

If you are wondering like everyone else has been begging me….

"What are you eating?!
What are you doing?!
HOW on earth?!"

I'm revealing my recipes, my meal plans and more starting in a NEW Column I'm writing alongside my millionaire making marketing columns, called "A NEW YOU!" in our January 2012 Emerald Membership Newsletter!

In January, along with teaching on Social Media Content Management as I mentioned earlier this week… .Baby, I'm gonna teach you how to …

Look 22 when you are 47!! YES! I'm 47 and proud of it!

Get registered today!

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

PS… the January issue will mail out the week of January 10th.. watch for it!
You'll get December's issue if you enroll before 12/31/11 at midnight as a bonus!

It's gonna be a POWERFUL year!  WOOHOO!!!