Happy Saturday to you! Just a quick update as we close out our year….
The WP For The Business Owner II class is almost sold out. 
We will be closing the doors very soon, if not later today. Did you get a seat?
If you are new to working online, hands down, bar none, if I had just ONE thing that you must learn before you do anything else, it's WordPress.
Once you get your WordPress site set up you are now positioned to make the kind of money that you want to make online. 
But it gets even better!
Fire your web designer!
Kick your SEO into overdrive!
Generate a HUGE list!
WP For The Business Owner Part II is NOW LIVE!
This is not a replacement of WP Part I and it's not to be thought of as instead of WP Part I.  It IS the next step.
With WP For The Business Owner Part I we taught you how to get set up, moving forward and making your name known online!
WP Part II is your next step.
-Advanced SEO techniques & strategies 
-First page of Google tactics
-Social Media Secrets for WordPress
-Simple newsletter publishing
-Opt In offer conversions
-Squeeze pages 
-Lead Capture pages
-Massive Traffic secrets
-Plugins, auto feeds & things that work while you sleep
-List building like crazy
-Increased conversion because two simple keys worked
And so much more!



We're giving a discount to anyone who has already purchased WP I as well!
With love,
Sandi Krakowski
P.S. If you have not taken WP Part I yet, I've created a "Bundle Price" for you, so you can start WP Part I now and be ready for WP Part II in Jan. 
Grab BOTH WP I and WP II