People ask all the time, "Did you make your millions teaching people? I mean seriously… where is the proof?" and I am SO GLAD they do!

Yes, there are some people who unfortunately are teaching others how to create wealth who have NEVER created wealth the good ole fashioned way… selling a product or service to do so. 

My first business 17 years ago was a kitchenware company that grew to $30k in my first year and  over $4.5 million in sales by our second year and completely revolutionized how certain mixers are sold online forever. We also grew 2 vitamin stores, where over 1000 brands were sold (much like an offline health food store) simultaneously and those both grew to over $5million in our first 2 years. 


My career then took me into studying marketing more aggressively because I had done ALL of my own copywriting, pay per click, marketing up until that time on my own. Being mentored by some of the best copywriters in the world I launched a private writing firm where I reinvented many companies marketing online, offline and also redid their brochures, layouts and more. Spending 31 months in the direct sales industry gave me great phone skills and other things that would benefit me, however before that I was marketing and selling over $150,000 per month of a product through my kitchenware store, my vitamin stores and had already mastered how to do this online. This was a season when I became more familiar with phone skills. This went to over $3 million as well. 

Moving onto a marketing, copywriting and pay per click firm is where I grew my next company, writing and rewriting other large companies sales copy, marketing materials, online websites. I had the privilege of even writing copy for some of the people who had led me along the way, rewriting their marketing, their WordPress blogs and helping many companies to rebrand and reinvent themselves. This grew to over $1.5 million in 9 months and was going amazing until God said, "IF YOU TEACH OTHERS WHAT YOU'RE DOING YOU WILL NOT LACK ONE GOOD THING."  

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A Real Change International Inc was founded in October of 2009 and we went to 7 figures in less than 7 months with 100,000 clients. By our second year we had over 250,000 clients and were impacting people all over the world!  In our third year we quadrupled our profits, hired 20 staff members and grew our client and influence to exceed over 1 million people. 

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This will be a ONE TIME, life changing event! We're going to bring the power of God, the energy of fire, the wisdom of the nations, the strategy that caused a broken, weary, depressed homemaker to go to millionaire business owner in less than 12 months!! Learn how we wrote $1 million into our payroll, WHY we give our profits to feed the poor, clothe the homeless, rescue slaves and more!! I'm teaching WHY faith works & WHY YOU need to activate your gifts in 2013! This is a CRITICAL TIME PERIOD and it's not time to sleep!!


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Worship Center 06 Saturday With Sandi in Dallas, TX
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