We are the #7 BUSINESS PAGE on all of Facebook! 

We've taken a lot of heat here at A Real Change International, Inc.
People telling me to "REMOVE GOD, who do you think you are?!"
People saying we'd "Never be successful if we didn't stop talking about God" and more….
We've had threats (yes! very dangerous threats!) against us… competitors seeking to stop us, lying about us… people who even attempted to steal my identity on Facebook last week! (Facebook has it documented!) 
And then this….
I am dancing!
I am celebrating!
I am honored! Humbled and completely FREAKED OUT!!
Because JESUS IS LORD we are the 7th MOST TALKED ABOUT PAGE on Facebook today in the Business Person category!!
We are the 7th FASTEST growing talked about page TODAY!
66th TOP PAGES on all of Facebook!
Take that Resistance! Take that enemy!!!!
I STILL BELIEVE that Jesus is the best partner you could EVER have!