Who Is Reading Your Blog

You Have No Idea WHO Is Watching You!

As you are staying true to your passion, creating your videos, serving your clients and answering questions on social media… don't be surprised when the voice of doom comes wandering into the room and says something like, "What is all this for?"

The translation of the broadcast can throw quite a damper on your light filled day if you're not careful. For Resistance knows how to bring a shadow and hides in the same.

Little did you know, that on the other side of the computer, or smartphone or maybe it's a pad device is an upper level executive who is really needing your inspiration, answers and insights, but just hasn't written you yet to ask.

It doesn't matter how big your Facebook page may be or how many followers you have on Twitter, when the light that you live in seeps it's way onto someone else's darkened path, because an answer is an answer my friends and you never know WHO might be watching you.

During the last year I've had more than one occasion when I am sobered in an alarming way by some of the emails and DMs on Twitter and posts I receive on my Facebook page. It always seems to happen during a week when things were the gloomiest and Resistance is questioning who I am, what my motives are and if I can REALLLLLLLLLLY  do this as God has designed for me to do so.

Over the muddle paths I've walked and in the low valleys were no one else goes, the voice of accusation has wandered, many times beside me. Then a note comes in and I am arrested again to a place of sobriety and I remember to take my post and be true to who I AM 100%, as God has made me to be.

The letter from the Sr Editor of magazine, who has read and listened to everything I've done. GULP. And wants me to write a regular column for his readers.

The letter from a very successful musician who is producing a new album and was ready to give up on the project and the #BEMORE message was a lifeline to carry them through.

The suffering single mother who had no hope but did have a smartphone and saw a Facebook ad with a woman on it who had pink hair.

The athlete who is facing the tempation of taking drugs and is being challenged to just use a little 'push' with that fitness program since their filming their next infomercial in a few weeks and he was almost going to do it. Almost… when a post that summoned my readers to rise to who they are and not fall to the fake prostitution of being someone they are not.

I have a word for you today from heaven and it is indeed a sober one. Just because you have no clue who is watching you doesn't mean you are not making an impact.

KEEP GOING for goodness sake's. It's not about you. You're just the servant leader that the God of heaven has trusted to share a message, or a product or a means. How you respond has everything to do with where your future will go.

Stop expecting crumbs to create profits and stop lowering your standards so that you can be just like everyone else. For goodness sake have you never heard the stories of the multimillionaires who ate oatmeal for months and went without as they pressed through the impossible dream that eventually led to fortune.

Stop trying to live a life of luxury when you know God is telling you to market more and eat less. Don't give into the messenger of doom when he taunts you and says, "Nothing is working anyways, don't you remember what that teacher said about your writing a long time ago?"

I could care less about your grammatical flaws, your second hand light kit you're using for vidoes or the fact you had to scream at everyone in the house to get them quiet before you did your video. There's a war my friend and it is for GOOD reason.


It's not about you.