When heaven invades your business…..
Don't worry, this isn't some esoteric woo-woo talk that asks you to spin in a chair and chant so you can grow your income.  Sheesh… I'm so SICK of that stuff.. are you?

I will say this…. that if you want to go farther than you've EVER done before in business, you are going to have to play differently. YOU need some supernatural help on top of your natural. That's the bottom line…

And it is my personal conviction that GOD is opening up heaven over businesses like never before… 
The moral and ethical reason to make a lot of money and impact lives is a topic that I absolutely love! I love studying the REAL reasons why we should make a lot of money.
Reasons WHY making money is WARFARE!!
Krakowski 11 175 The Divine Call Of God On Business And The Key Role You Can Play
"The Divine Call Of God On Business And The Key Role You Can Play"
March 31 & April 1, 2012
Dallas, TX
If you haven't gotten a seat yet… I need to PUT YOU ON WARNING!
Don't delay…. Get your seat now!
With love,
Sandi Krakowski
P.S.  This event WILL BE A POWERFUL TOOL to usher in wealth, wisdom and more fun than you ever dreamed as possible to have, with GOD on your side!