Pardon me while I have a HAPPY MOMENT here and celebrate one of my Rock Star clients, Angela Brooks!

Angela has been working with me since 2009 and my very first WordPress class. As a matter of fact, if you were to look through every single one of the 25+ information products that we have created in the last two years, Angela owns and uses every single one.  She is the first one to get a seat to ANY class we do and I’ve never done an event that she hasn’t been to.


I’ve watched her drag herself from nightshift nurse with the worst kind of patients that doctors and books do not prepare you for… to promoting herself to being in head administration with her own office, spending account and doctors who come to HER for prayer and even advice on how to run the hospital.


This is a girl who came from a family with poverty at it’s core and judgement against the rich deeper than she cared to even think through… and she’s worked through her pain and her own ‘stuff’ to nearly replace her entire nurses salary in under one year, BREAK sales records in her company and out pace the top consultants records!


In under 11 months she has done what the #1 consultant took 9 years to achieve and she NEVER picks up the phone.


During the last year and a half she's been working with both PJ McClure and I in some intensive coaching, nearly every single week…. and this is what she just did-

She surpassed every person in the entire organization for personal recruiting-

62 personal enrollees

$15,000 a month

over 170 people in her organization!!! 


She did it all VERY Part time and without picking up the phone!

Tonight I'm doing a private call with Angela to celebrate her success and talk about HOW she did it!

Get a seat….. this call is already packed and she just upgraded her conference service to allow more people to be on the call!

Register now it's FREE!

With love for you and your future,
Sandi Krakowski