Good morning from Paradise! I couldn't wait to write you when I woke up this morning because so much has happened in just our first two days here! As you can see above, I'm taking it easy, having fun and this is my "wild side"… what happens when I go snorkeling and enjoying travels on a boat for 7 hours in Maui! HA!
Yesterday we woke up very early and were at the Maui Ocean Center by 7:00 am…. our day was planned to go snorkeling near a volcano crater that peeks out of the ocean, called Molokini. Here's a picture of it. Around this crater are fish and octopus and eel ready to be watched and enjoyed from a snorkel! It was totally amazing!!
You're snorkeling in about 80-90 feet of water with schools of fish coming around you. 
At Molokini a family event happened that I'll be writing about tomorrow…. one of my sons had a big personal breakthrough and it will help you in your business SO MUCH….. I will be writing about it tomorrow…..
Enroute to Molokini we were greeted by a Mama Humpback Whale and her calf! OMG you guys… just the fins on a Humpback are 15 feet wide!! Her body is 15 feet wide and you add that all together and her width alone is 45 feet wide! She's the size of a extra large school bus in length and is incredibly powerful! WHAT a joy it was to be so close to God's creation and see it in it's natural beauty! 


Onto the sea turtle area and we were again invited to jump into the ocean and observe. There is a $10,000 fine for touching sea turtles as they are a protected animal (and rightfully so!) so what you have to do is just let them come near you and be still. It was wild!! They come just a few feet away from you and are the perfect example of "Maui Chill" because they just sit there, relax…. look at you… go the surface for air…. hang out on the bottom… and again… chill…… hahaha
Then we were treated to a rare find, a BIG school of spinner dolphins!!
There were at one time over 25 spinner dolphins and they were showing off for us! You have to understand this is not scripted, these are not trained animals… these are spinner dolphins in the wild interacting with humans…. what a God moment it was.
I'll be sharing pictures all week on my Facebook page if you need some encouragement or something to help you dream bigger. Please come check it out!
And I want to leave you with this….. years ago I never would have dreamed we'd be in Paradise twice in one year, let alone ever. It was too far away, too expensive, too much for 'other people' and all the other excuses I had! Including my health excuses, finances, family, etc… But getting here didn't take a lot of money, perfect health, a perfect family, or any of these things…. it took a strong enough desire to work hard that I could also plan for myself and my family the ability to play and rest hard.
I'll be sharing more about that in the next week in our newsletter….. but I want to challenge you. CHECK your beliefs when you see these pictures….. where do you go? Do you disqualify yourself first? Or do you find yourself believing it's not impossible and you will be there?
You mean the world to me! It is my purpose in life to help you live full and free by helping you in business attract more clients, make more money and live a ridiculous life however you design it!
With love,
Sandi Krakowski
P.S. Did you know that Maui has Apple Bananas?! They have 3 different kinds of sugar in them, 2x the amount of potassium and 3x the amount of vitamin C than regular bananas do!!  With the special diet I'm on with my Ulcerative Colitis healing I've been eating a tad more fruit than usual, that are low sugar… my family loved these Apple Bananas, I'm enjoying cantelope, honey dew melon, papaya and mango! YUMMMY!!! Paradise has the best fruit in the world! 🙂