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Going The Extra Mile And Why It's Not Codependence 

What do you do when you know God is calling you to go the extra mile but you’re afraid of all the detours along the way?

Well your iPhone GPS surely isn’t going to help. <grin>

But going the extra mile and doing something no one asked you to do and being more than anyone expected you to be will not only change YOU, it will change your reputation.

Our character grows when God asks us to turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, give them the coat off your back even if they wrongfully took the shoes off our feet.

As I talk with more than 550,000 people every single day on social media (by the way follow me at @sandikrakowski on Twitter and fb.com/sandikrakowskibiz) a lot of people struggle with what is the difference between codependence and going the other mile.

Here’s a few clues.

Codependence is best defined as my friend Danny Silk once said, when I work on YOUR goals more than you work on your goals. It’s a cousin to manipulation.

Codependence is something we do so that we feel great, not so the other person feels great.

As a matter of fact codependence is so sickening we do things and say we’re going the other mile and then we whine and rag about all we did to everyone on Facebook. THAT is not what God was talking about when He said to go the extra mile.

Going the extra mile is when we truly don’t expect anything in return.

We’re OK if the other person doesn’t thank us, isn’t going to even take note of what we did and even if, God forbid, they get mad at us for doing so. Our heart is 100% pure toward benefiting them and we don’t need any form of payback.

Going the extra mile is not manipulation; it’s death to self.

And I’m not talking about this morbid self-hatred existence where we’re emotional cutters all day. No, death to self meaning what I want and what I need right now I’ll lay aside so you can gain.

There will be detours. Pits in the road. Pot holes. Bumps.

Keep going.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski