WHY Facebook Contests DO NOT WORK

Why Facebook Contests Are The Stupidest Way To Grow A Facebook Page & How You Can Attract Ideal Clients Without Pimping Them With Giveaways! 

WARNING: If you get offended when someone vents or says what they mean and means what they say, please don't read this post.

Here goes.

If one more so called "Facebook Marketing Expert" tells people that "Contests are the best way to grow a page fast and build your business" I am going to throw up. Literally. I'm going to vomit. It makes my stomach turn, makes me so sad and so upset that I get nauseated thinking about the hundreds of thousands of dollars and the hours upon hours that companies are spending with this kind of low-ball marketing.

Can you imagine trying to gain viewership on a television show simply by lurring people in with a giveaway and having that as the ROI on whether or not the TV show was a big hit? The television network would spend all this time creating a hit show, filming for hours and hours and flying people in from all over the nation to produce a hit TV show that would be loved by fans of all ages! And the best way they can come up with to market this and get people to tune in is to offer a CONTEST or a giveaway on the first episode? NOT.

Any marketing scientist would tell you that this is bogus.

Low ball. Stupid.

People love giveaways. And because of that simple fact, write this down, ANYONE would tune in. Anyone who hates the show, isn't going to watch the show, could care less about the show and honestly, isn't even aware of what the show is about will tune in because a GIVEAWAY is happening. There's a chance to get something for free!

Incentivized ads and likes are the lowest ball method you can use on social media!

If you build a Facebook page by giving away a brand new $250,000 car you can bet your bootie that you'll have about 2 million likes real fast. Likes from all over the place! Likes from every age bracket, demographic, psychographic and more! Is this a marketers dream? Hell no. Oh… sorry… I mean heck no. I am getting passionate about this. I am VERY serious about being an ambassador for truth in this realm and please, God forgives me for that slip, you should to.

WHAT are we doing?!

So many Facebook Marketing experts, who quite frankly, aren't making millions of dollars with their pages, really aren't marketers and really don't understand advertising are telling people to hold CONTESTS so they can grow a big page!

This is pathetic. It's not going to grow the kind of page where people:

  • Engage
  • Interact
  • Want to have relationship

If you hold a contest it's pimp marketing at it's finest! The customer wants something for free from you and doesn't even care what the heck you're offering long term. YOU are offering something for free and don't care who joins your page because you're obessed with numbers.

This is NOT direct response marketing, it's prostitution.

Social media is built on relationships NOT one night stands. 

My friends, direct response marketing is built on three things:

The offer, the copy and the list.

If your offer and your list are good, we then focus on the copy and you'll have a winning campaign. Good copy converts. Good content creates engagement. Real relationships drive an offer to higher conversions. 

Don't hound people with phrases like, "Like my page!" "Click here!" "Tell your friends!" or "Fill in the blank _________" all day long and call that engagement.

Have relationship with people.

Take the time.

Really care. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 6.56.04 AM

THIS is how you grow a Facebook page that has generated a multimillion dollar brand and has large companies turning to us for help!

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Thanks for letting me be passionate today. My passion is fueled by concern for the businesses who NEED to grow a big client base through social media and want the truth of why direct response marketing works beautifully on this platform!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski