Servant Leadership and Faith At Work

Faith At Work, Works!

I'm shocked. Truly. 

So many people are completely terrified to succeed. Fears wage war in their head and the enemy screams at them with threats like, "No one will ever relate to you anymore you'll be so big for your britches!" or "Who do you think you are? God looks good when you do. What an egotistical statement."

Let me just jump over this bush, not beat around it, and ask you a VERY bold question. Does God look good when you struggle, hate your job, show up late, curse your boss, gossip at the lunch table and whine about how you're going to end this nightmare and start your own business? I think not.

Many times the reason people hear such negative comments from friends and family is because the friends and family are seeing the above take place week after week and even they, the negative relative, can tell that you'll never get anywhere with a gnarly attitude. But there's another toxin waging war on your soul and this is the issue I want to address today.

Why are you so afraid of becoming hugely successful in life?

Don't give me your sermons and speeches about how God wants you to die to yourself and lay your life down and become as nothing so He can become more. I know those chapters and verses too and seriously, who are you kidding? No one is impressed when you disappear, die in a corner in despair and pray 24/7 for the world to be changed but you can't even change your own life.

NO…. God looks really good when you succeed with integrity, honor and excellence. When you, as a musician, author, sports figure, business owner or what have you take your place, walk in your 'metron', which is your measure of influence and you release your God-given gift to the world, we all benefit and the King of Kings looks very good.

If you want to get rid of evil and let life start to rise in your city, go get really good at helping others. Stop whining and condeming every rich person on Facebook. If you want to pay for 1000 adoptions this year and do it anonymously so no one but God knows about it, then get to work for crying out loud and stop listening to those lies that say money is evil, you're lusting after the world and becoming a millionaire is a business of 'filty lucre'. No it is not, when done unto the Lord.

You can't feed the hungry or clothe the naked or give homes to the homeless when you can't even pay your own mortgage. And I pray you want to get so ridiculously wealthy that you can give away more than you ever take personally, every single week.

It's a joy to live on 10% and give away 90% but let me just say this, it takes hard work. It's not a joke. You will suffer persecution and the enemy will try to full on STOP YOU.

When you are assaulted with his threats, it's time to get some really good ear plugs and ignore him. The devil doesn't come to taunt you when trouble is near, when things are failing or when you are doing a pathetic job of representing the kingdom. No, he comes out with his sneers and his lies when GOD ALMIGHTY begins to look good, through you.

So…. make shoes with excellence, my dear friends. Go get successful. Forgive everyone at your church, in your family, in your household or anyone else who has judged you. First of all and most of all, stop judging yourself.

YOU were made, designed and created to #BEMORE!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski