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Facebook's New Ad Campaign Manager-Will We See An App soon?

This morning we are seeing more changes in the ad manager on Facebook that now makes it easier to see your campaign results, percentages, what to leave running, what to pause and also has individual ad groups for each target audience you want to hit.

Last week I got a personal email from one of Facebook's management team members. It's been a blessing to get personal updates from them on what they're changing and what to look out for. They told me that the way ads are run would not be changing but how we manage each campaign in the ad manager was going to have an overhaul of a redesign.

Yesterday was the first day I saw the switch take place and I had a chance to play with the changes.

Inside the Ad Manager itself one of the biggest changes you'll see is they now have a sliding button that makes it really easy to stop and start your campaign. (Works great on my iPhone as well) Previously you had to go into the ad manager, log into the campaign, click active or pause and wait for the screen to reload to make your changes active. Now it's just 'slide and play'. Instant response on the screen. This makes me think we might be able to soon edit our ads inside an App….. or Facebook's iPhone platform will get more responsive.  Wouldn't that be great!? I personally have hated that I can't just open an app, change a price on my bids and more. I'm keeping my eyes on this big change. I can turn ads on and off now on my iPhone, but editing pricing is still a pain. 

Another change we see inside the ad manager is something new called, "Campaigns, Ad Sets & Ads".  But to really understand how this works you need to go into the Power Editor. THIS is where some big changes are taking place and let me just say it JUST got easier for beginners! 

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What excites me about this change is that it is NOW much easier to duplicate a highly producing campaign and ad series and turn it into a mobile campaign, copy and retarget to a difference audience, etc.  Previously some of this got a little confusing in the Power Editor and now it's so streamlined!

Each ad campaign group now has a different area to adjust all ads inside and you can also change each one individually as well. SO much easier to work with! Plus you can see your ROI, click thru rate and more instantly. Great for report updates and keeping tabs on your numbers every day. 

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There are MANY more changes, and let me just say this, I just found a way to DROP my ad prices by 45% and even get higher results. But what about engagement? Are you seeing your numbers plummet? There have been so many business pages that have lost engagement. I get that. I even saw it initially…. then I went to work and played around with a few things on my content side, when I posted, what I posted and BAM! A 53% increase on reach! Never forget that Facebook is never going to ruin their platform. They are NOT BROKEN. They make money from advertisers. What I am seeing are things changing for the better, especially if you subscribe to the ARC Model Of Marketing, which is built primarily on good direct response marketing. 

The way marketers have done things on Facebook is not going to work any longer. The OLD SCHOOL way of just posting things and then ignoring your clients is now gone. THIS is where things are broken. You can't pimp or shove your products down people's feed all day and get away with it. If you aren't going to create regular content and build a community like good business principles are built on, then yes, you are going to lose!  But WE are seeing a HUGE spike in our engagement ratios and I can't wait to share with all of you HOW we did that while cutting our budget way down!

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April 16, 2014 I'll be teach for 2.5 hours straight showing you everything we're doing.  I hope to see you in class!


With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski