Facebook Gets A Redesign On Business Pages, Could Increase Sales

It's obvious that the dominator in online sales has something big up their sleeve as more redesigns hit Facebook's platform in the last few days. Recent changes to the Facebook Business Pages shows content on the right, an 'about' feature on the left and surprisingly to some, a removal of the tabs feature? We shall see.

During the last 6 months I've been sharing with my readers and clients that the tabs feature was becoming a useless entity for any business owner. Driving traffic from ads and promotions to this section on your page is no longer the best choice when the platform reports that more than 67% of their users who log in more than 5 times per day, everyday, are on a mobile unit. Could be why the power platform for social interaction changed their mobile platform first, before even touching the pages side of things. Their latest update says the mobile feed now matches the desktop feed. THAT’s something to pay attention to!

Many businesses are complaining about drastic plummets in engagement, interaction and finding that less than 10% of their followers are even receiving their content in the news feed! What is a business to do?

Here at A Real Change International, Inc I've repeatedly told my students and readers to focus on content. It is true- content is king and if you want any kind of attention or love on Facebook, you have to create great content that YOUR audience loves. What you love doesn't matter. What you like is irrelevant. Because face it, as a business owner, if no one is liking, sharing or commenting on your posts, you are done. Over. Caputz! Broken. Out of business. (On Facebook anyways) Not only is our training working with our corporate page but our small business clients in my Social Media Inner Circle are also seeing 20-50% increase in their engagement when they begin to focus MORE on content, with variety and an emphasis on what the customer wants to see. BIG ISSUE…. get people talking about you!

Facebook’s new algorithm did hit businesses hard. So what can you do? Get people talking about you in the feed more!  If they made the news feed more dominant on personal profile pages and they want to push content that people are more social about- liking, commenting and sharing, than it is your job to make sure the content you are feeding to your audience creates this kind of response! Yes, you can do ads. I teach how to successfully do ads for $10 per day and get great results, but the issue is this. NOT EVEN ADS are going to help you if your content is horrible, repeat, only what you're selling and lacks what your customers want.

Facebook Ads Made Easy

I've been giving Facebook predictions for the last two years and I have another one for you today.

I predict that we'll see the powerhouse Facebook linking it's ad manager with it's sister powerhouse, InstaGram. Driven by photos and videos, InstaGram has been testing out it's ads with a select few for the last few months and reports are outstanding. But why would a multibillion dollar corporation redirect their focus away to a new platform that has a LOT of users, but no where near the billions on Facebook? It's my prediction that they WON'T. They are going to link them with the ad manager. Yes, it's my opinion. And I think we'll see it. What I believe will happen is we will begin to see InstaGram Photo ads coming into the Facebook platform and feeds. You will be able to buy ad space from InstaGram and populate the Facebook platform. Mark my words.  They are the #5 tech company in the world and even bypassed PAY ATTENTION.

Other changes to Facebook's news feed in the last few weeks has included larger photos, more prominant placement of photos, making sure that businesses that are featured and are populating the feeds are getting a high level of interactions and engagement. Bottom line? Your customers don't talk back to you? Facebook isn't going ot feature you. Sounds like common sense to me.

Sales are still dominating on Facebook. Fast Company reports that they are the NUMBER ONE platform for social media sales and the platform that 69% of eCommerce dominator Shopify's customers!

Facebook Ads

My advice to you today as a small business owner or a corporation that is trying to get more exposure for your brand and wants to create a powerful culture is two fold:  Create powerful content and talk back. It's that simple. Create content your clients love. Rather than spending all your time reading about ROI and CTR and all the other aspects of how to increase sales, remember that return on investment and click through rate mean NOTHING if there are no customers talking to you and you are not talking back.

Facebook's redesign on their business page, in my estimation, will not only increase sales for the popular social network, they will continue to increase sales for the businesses that are serious about their customers!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski