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Facebook Prediction For April 24, 2013 With Sandi Krakowski

As many of you know my Facebook Predictions and Facebook Marketing Forecasts have come to pass for the last two years.  Everything from the usage of hashtags to the changes in Timeline for Business and more.  As a person who studies and analyzes Facebook and it's marketing trends like a mad scientist, I've made it my mission to bring to you tools, systems and strategies that work for both the small home business AND the bigger corporation.

Today I was outside and had a real brainstom downloaded come to me that I want to share with you. I've been mentioning this in some of our private group coachings for the last few weeks, but today it really became plain to me where we'll be going and what I believe we'll be seeing in the next six months. ROI is a BIG buzz word and it's a critical one for big corporations who want to create a a central hub where millions of ideal clients come to THEM everyday. Targeted marketing at it's finest!

Watch now!