Engagement Will Outpace Marketing Dollars & Why People Want To Connect With You

There are two ways to outpace and out smart your competitors- ONLY TWO:  out market them or out serve them. When your marketing bucket is a little low on funds, serving clients and engaging with them right where they are at will always be your answer. 

Now don’t get me wrong….. 

There are many marketers out there that teach how to hypnotize, control and manipulate your audience through “so called” relationships. That is NOT what I mean. We all know that fake always brings trouble. You know what they call people who use relationships to make money, right? Prostitutes! And those who lead them are pimps. “Just say NO! to pimping!”

The question then becomes, “How do we have genuine relationships with our clients without giving into trickery or being fake and create a business that lasts?”  Be real. Ironic isn’t it, that so many are leading with the way of authentic? Yet when push comes to shove a lot of people simply don’t know what this means. Everyone seems to play a role better than they do simply being real and honest by being themselves. Here’s a word of advice for you: stop being so afraid to be yourself.

Imagine if you simply started really caring about people? You know….really.

What if your day started with, “What can I do to inspire and encourage people?” Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to accomplish your tasks if you didn’t have to worry about what was expected of you, what you “should” be doing and whether or not you are getting your words “right” to cause people to buy, buy, BUY?

Social media changed the way the world does business.

Companies are now required to not only engage with clients, but they also have to continue having relationship for lasting success. Sadly this is where many dropped the ball as well. Building a big list, creating a big following was only half of the goal. When many companies blew things up and then only tweeted twice per month or completely neglected their Facebook page by never replying to people, answering questions, filtering out posts that were inappropriate- people ended up going to those who will engage, who would listen and serve with an open heart. When big companies are asking, “Where did the money go?” The so-called little guy is raking in the dough, providing good ole fashioned business and friendship.

Rather than asking where the profits went, the better question might have been, “Where did we drop the ball in the relationship category.”  

When all is said and done, your engagement is so critical it could quite frankly outpace your marketing dollars, because the reach lasts a lot longer. When you add great engagement and relationship building to your marketing dollars, you’ll outshine and outpace those who are not as wise.  Step out, really care and build the business of your dreams!  

Yesterday we reached a BIG milestone here at ARC! We went past 100,000 ENGAGED friends on our Facebook Business Page. Fun thing is…. our 50% engagement rate on that page is just getting started!

With love,  

Sandi Krakowski

sandi krakowski