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Learn: Sales Copy, Emails, Shopping Cart tips, Marketing Digital eBooks, Music, Audios, Videos, Using Coupons, Upselling, Cross Selling, Membership, Bonus', eBook Marketing, Vendors, Shipping Tips and more

This class is for anyone in a freelance operation, someone who has created their own product, has multiple products from multiple vendors. I've seen the result so many times it's oftentimes hard to believe- but as soon as these kind of services and offerings get put into a shopping cart– sales go UP! 
When I started my kitchenware store back in 1997 I never imagined it would grow to over 4 million dollars in sales. Nor did I think I'd be writing all the copy, managing all the behind scenes, orchestrating a team who worked with me so that over 400 products would be shipped and drop shipped on a daily basis.
What started out as a small kitchenware store dream grew to a huge eCommerce operation and eventually an online health store with over 300 products that also were generating millions in profits.
If you have products to sell, put them in an eCommerce business to increase your selling power.
Beware- there are people out there who will charge in excess of $ 5,000 to 'help' you set up an eCommerce storefront. You DON'T NEED THAT. There is no reason to spend thousands of dollars to set up a successful online store.
I'll share with you my tried and true secrets (I've done this more than 5 times now successfully for myself and my clients!) on how to set up an eCommerce store that not only sells a lot of products but one that hits the search engines quickly and gains a huge following.
People are looking for online stores to frequent and become repeat paying customers with. Trust is a huge issue with online marketing. If you create a store that they love to shop at you've gained a customer for life.  I can give you strategy on how to gain a following, create a loyalty program for your valued customers and give yourself a business that could, if you run it right, last for years to come.
Everything You'll Need For Instant Profits

Week OneWhy a shopping cart system? Determine what layout will work best with your particular business.  How to set up the eCommerce plug in within WordPress to create a store. We'll go step by step through all you need to do for your store to begin, be activated and ready to sell.  By the end of this class your shopping cart will be set up and fully functional. Connecting to Paypal or Google Cash will be part of this discussion. We’ll choose what style you want for your cart, how it will be laid out on your site, connecting all of the buying options and description settings.
Week Two: Setting up the marketing settings inside of your cart. Writing product descriptions so that they are keyword rich and will be easily picked up by search engine. How to organize your categories, products and layout. Learn to insert pictures, create prices, how to calculate shipping and handling charges and more.  This is the meat of products.
Week Three:  This class will be devoted to products, more on keywords and descriptions. We’ll learn about upselling, cross selling and how to have monthly or weekly promotions for bigger profits. Setting up coupons for individual clients, creating affiliates for your products, adding coupons to your online newsletters and more! Learn how to market digital products, seminars, webinars, audio recordings and music. This class will be two solid hours of the money making meat- selling your products and services.
Week Four Getting your products into Google’s product listings, scoring high rankings in the search engines and how to be the go-to resource in your niche. We’ll be covering marketing strategies for finding great online stores, newsletters and other places to advertise your store. How you can partner with an existing business who has enormous traffic and gain instant paying customers. Creating customer loyalty so that your clients will purchase from you again and again. Marketing with a newsletter so that your clients are expecting your next sale and are ready to buy before you even announce it. This entire class will be marketing at it’s finest for the online storefront.
Week Five:  Shipping, returns, customer service, online support, live chat tools, using Facebook and Twitter for customer service.  This entire class will be how to use the best of the best in tools so that you rarely have to pick up the phone, you can have service representatives in another state who run your store and you can have a life!  How to conduct an interview for possible staff, hiring the best help and more! This will be our leadership and management section of the eight week course. These issues are critical to running an enormous business that doesn’t outgrow you or get so big
you can’t handle it. We’ll take you from start to huge expansion confidently!
Week Six: Bringing it all together so that your store is appealing, easy to navigate, people enjoy shopping with you and your ‘service’ headaches are few and far between. How to use colors, images, layout edits so that you are set apart in the marketplace. Write sales copy in such a way that people not only purchase from you they refer everyone they know. How to gain affiliate members who will market your products for you, managing your affiliates, tracking discounts with buying groups and more. This is what we’ll call our expansion module of the class and it’s the part where profits are coming in and your expansion is easier than ever.


Week Seven: Developing a year long marketing strategy. This class will go deeper into how to do year long promotions and how to write out your profit making “map” for the entire year. Understanding the trends in online shopping patterns will be an enormous advantage to you over your competition. Each niche has it’s only unique strategy that if followed profits are much easier to reel in. We’ll as well be refining how you’re doing in the shopping cart system, doing edits, updates and making things extra sharp so that you’re getting the best results possible.

Week Eight: We’ll end the class this week with vendor relationships and offsite promotions. This is a class that is mostly only taught in closed settings where highly paid sales professionals are given keys how to maneuver their way through trade shows, marketplace events at vendor shows. I’ll give you my insider secrets that earned me a reputation as one of the biggest competitors on the internet in the kitchenware industry and how you can apply it to your particular business.

If you are a freelance writer or web designer and you have a host of services to offer? An eCommerce business created with a membership would make you a fortune!  It markets so much more effectively in this kind of platform than just a website.
People like to 'shop' so once something is placed inside of a shopping cart site it's ironic but it's true…. they stay longer, they shop more!
My eCommerce business paid me a 6-figure income
12 months and later grew to multiple 7-figures
eCommerce Coaching For Business Owners
Topics will include:
  • Products
  • Demand
  • Profit Margins
  • What should you sell
  • Newsletters
  • Loyalty Program
  • Shipping Promotions
  • How To Get The Best Shipping Rates
  • Customer Service
  • Hours
  • A Business And A Life
  • Dropship Secrets
  • Increase Your Purchasing Power
  • Middle Man Activities
  • UPS/ Fed Ex/ USPS Secrets
  • Software That Replaces Employees
  • Online Shopping Carts
  • Phone Systems
  • 800 Phone Numbers
  • Training For Your Products
  • Repeat Visitors Purchases
  • Referrals
  • Lead Generation
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Compete With Big Companies From Your Kitchen
This is a step by step kind of class so only 20 people will be permitted total
The smaller the class is the better. I want to walk each client through the process that they personally need for their own business. Clients will be expected to follow homework assignments, find the best providers from a list given when needed, have the ability to work with a web person if needed.  I'll give the one-on-one business consulting that I've been paid thousands of dollars to give. 
If you want to make a profitable eCommerce business and you know you have products that sell, I can get you there!
  • Get the best rates on  your merchant acct
  • Find the best prices in shipping supplies
  • How to get listed quickly on the top of search engines
  • Use video to market your store
  • Create an advertisers letter & send to other websites for placement
  • Learn how to upsell so that your customers thank you
  • Cross sell products that might not eve be related
  • How to use Twitter and FB for your store
How these classes are held:
We'll all dial in on a private conference line & we'll log in on our own computers to GoToMeeting
We'll be sharing files, screens and be following along interacting together
I'll be able to help you right in WordPress or your cart or with anything in real-time!
We can see what we're doing together which creates the best possible result ever
Kiss endless prospecting and phone calling goodbye when you can create a storefront people are already searching for and plug into search engines to get your customers!


LIVE- Real Time Telephone Conference Call in A Go- To Meeting+ FREE MP3 Recordings
Thursday Afternoons- 2:00- 4:00 pm EST
8- weeks- 2 hours per class:
March 11
March 18
March 25
April 1
April 8
April 15
April 22
April 29



Each class will be recorded for you to keep for your personal usage.
Only 20 clients will be permitted in this class, once it is sold out, its full
This is NOT an easy class and should NOT be approached by someone who isn't serious about working
Must have to participate:
1- WordPress Site already set up
2- Shopping Cart Plug In OR A Shopping Cart System Purchased
3- Products To Market ( I can show you how to add others to this but you must have a product ready)
4- Merchant Acct Or Paypal Acct


I'm ready Sandi, to get solutions and results!  I want to learn how to build an eCommerce business and will give it my absolute best working with you side by side to do so!
Price: $ 895.00
THIS CLASS IS NOW CLOSED, no further openings available. 



Your satisfaction is assured through my NO RISK, "YOU-CAN'T-LOSE", 100%, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED, IRON CLAD MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Now that's as strong as I can say it. I have spent hours working on this coaching  and I KNOW you can make thousands of additional dollars each month if you implement even a few of my suggestions. If you don't do what I teach I can assure you that thousands of dollars won't pop out of the sky and land in your bank account however. That's guaranteed as well. However, if for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with my product, just contact me within 7 days and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No hard feelings. No hoops to jump through. FAIR ENOUGH???

BUT, if you want to enter the class, steal my recordings, have no intention of working, want to be a tire kicker and have never built anything successful in your life, you hate your boss AND you think this will work- PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER enrolling and do us both a favor.  🙂


DISCLAIMER:  Now I'd never be so arrogant or stupid to say I can promise you that you'll also earn 6-figures in under 12 months.  That would not be typical. If you don't do anything with your business you might not earn anything. If you do more than I did you could possibly earn more.  If you choose a product that doesn't sell you could earn nothing.  Obviously there is a risk with all businesses.  But if you are serious about stepping into the internet in a professional way- I can help you get there.