Diving With Manta Rays And Overcoming Fear….

By: Sandi Krakowski

The beautiful thing about fear is when we press through. This past week we've done some pretty scary things. Got really close to a live volcano. Parasailed at 1200 feet over the ocean…. but the biggest thing was diving at night, in the Pacific Ocean with Manta Rays.

Manta Rays are not like Sting Rays. They have no stinger and are harmless. But they are ENORMOUS! Mantas can weigh up to 4000 pounds! The ones we swam with…. within 3 inches of my face, were about 2000 pounds and 16 feet wide!

Why on earth would I want to swim with these amazing majestic huge creatures in their natural habitat? Because it helps me overcome my fear.

The treadmill of self-doubt never ends my friends. If you are just starting out, have 22 staff or even run a team of 1400 employees, it never ends. The cycle of finding things you fear, running into things that might hold you back, battling with inner doubts never ever ends. So the greatest tool I've found to make me stronger, increase courage and help me propel forward quickly is to face my fears, head on.

This dive did just that…

On Monday's A Real Change TV episode I'm going to share with you the dive, with live video from under the water, as one actually touches me and comes right up to my sons face! OMGoodness it was a crazy moment.

Do not become the pawn of fear….. make it obey you! The only way to do so…. is to press through.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski