ARealChange.TV Episode # 28

Over-Achievers Syndrome & How To Overcome It!

Episode # 26 got A LOT of attention! When we discussed the topic of Unhealthy Competition, never in a milllion years was I able to foresee the kind of response this would create! Small business owners, executives of multi-million dollar brands and company owners who manage hundreds of staff all said that they were so grateful someone was putting a VOICE to this topic, once and for all! 

Why is it that no one wants to talk about Unhealthy Competition? It's killing us! It's something that has to be be discussed…. and alongside of that is the issue of Over-Achiever's Syndrome.

My friends, this generation is SICK of working 90 hours per week or being told that those who succeed just work harder, work longer, never do anything else in life in order to create their dreamy lifestyle.  It's time to say "NO!" to not only working that many hours, it's time to say NO to being an over-achiever.

The reality is that those who work 90 hours do lose… and many times, they lose more than they ever imagined. Their health, their future, their family and even their self-respect. 

But YOU were not created to lose! You don't have to lose everything to succeed WILDLY in business!

What is an over-achiever? Well it's certainly not someone who breaks records, goes farther and gets the job done! It's someone who chases a fantasy and a ficitious notion that never gets achieved and destroys lives in the process. It's one who chases a standard that is impossible to achieve and is against all plans for success in all areas of life.

Watch today as we hit it hard on this topic! YOU were create to BE more….. and raising up Champions in business is my passion!

Let's get started now! Grab a pen and paper and let's watch today's episode together… and be sure to write down all the things that you don't want to forget. Here's today's episode.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski