Sandi Krakowski, Facebook Marketing Expert

Anointed For Business

Facebook is an interesting place. It's one of my most favorite places to connect with our clients and friends. It's also a place where I get cursed, judged and criticized the most. Maybe it's the pink hair, the smiling face or who knows, it could be the tattoo. But before you write me a note and tell me how bad you feel for me, please know that it's a part of the calling on my life.

You see, when I came to know where God had positioned me and was aware of where my assignment would be, there also came a heightened level of understanding of who doesn't want me there as well.

It is my FIRM conviction that God has called many of us to a place of influence in the world. This assignment is very strategic on God's part and it's in our best interest that we fulfill it. My assignment is in the place of influence called business. I'm also called to media and arts and entertainment. Some call these places of influence "Mountains" and have even noted that there are 7 SPECIFIC Mountains we are called to. They would include: Business, Religion, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Government, Education and Family. It is through these strategic places of influence that thought is created, standards are upheld and mindsets are governing.

God sent me, a pink haired woman of wonder and joy, right into the moutain of business, media, arts and entertainment. For me to become a preacher in a pulpit, a teacher in a church or a pastor of a local congregation would mean for me to ABANDON my post. Ironically, preacher, pastor, teacher and even apostle are some of my roles in the marketplace.

Jesus said, "GO into all the world." So tell me, where is all the world?

They're at work, struggling and straining to get by. Many are trying so hard to perform the works of Christ that they forgot He already DID everything they need! THIS is where many of us have been called by God to go!

Many people struggle because they're trying to perform who they are in Christ & trying to kill who died on the cross. These are doctrines from hell! We don't perform Christ's victory! We don't have to keep killing our old nature. How dead is dead?! It's dead! Dead dead DEAD! Ever tried to talk to a dead person before?! They're dead!

Quit raising from the dead your old nature & quit trying to perform your new life! By faith BE who you are in Christ! PUT ON the new man like a pair of pants! Leave off the old dead man! You want to live a ridiculously amazing life?! Get a revelation of who you ARE, not who you're trying to be, who you ARE in Christ & who you aren't will grow dimmer & disappear!

The devil is terrified of people who KNOW who they ARE in Christ & focus there all day! You'll still have days where you stumble & fall but WE HAVE AN ADVOCATE! Get back up! When the enemy comes in with condemnation look him in the face & say "Get lost sucker! I don't believe your lies!" The powerful brightly lit people we're designed to be is IN Christ! Step in! Live in! Be in! When you stumble just say "Whoops! Wrong man! I'm new in Christ!" & get back on track! 

Another lie from the pit of hell to avoid- when GOD has called you to the mountain of Business & people tell you that you should be teaching in a church! When GOD calls you to GO to the business world, the media world, the world where all the lost live IGNORE the self righteous religious spirit that tells you to go "retire" & "repent"'for seeking business.

Millions of babies are fed each year by business people who make millions of dollars and are judged & rebuked by broke self righteous religious people. My friends BE who GOD calls you to be and take your place where HE has assigned you! If you don't go the devil will send someone who looks like you, talks like you, acts like you & will be happy to lead people to hell!

Go make billions of dollars & create jobs and provide for babies & rescue slaves out of bondage! GO GO GO! God says GO! Ignore the rest!

Maybe you're anointed for business and didn't realize that the CALL OF GOD on your life is right where you work. My advice for you?  Do it! Do it with all of your heart. 

I dream of creating a real change in the world. It is my heart's desire that you'd join me! My friends… it's time! It's time to rise up and take our post!

WIth love,

Sandi Krakowski