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The 7 Mountain Assignment And Your Key Role

There will be no TV show episode today so that I can give you something God is burning in my heart.

The last article I did on "Anointed For Business" has now become our most viewed and commented on article in the entire 4 years we've run A Real Change International, Inc. We've received more comments, emails and interaction on this topic than any I've ever taught on.

Today, in a special Memorial Day Training article I'd like to share with you what I believe is The 7 Mountain Assignment and how God is moving swiftly to create one of the greatest Revolutionary Revivals to hit the earth in it's entire history. This is a revival that is unlike any other because it will take place where man has said it's politically incorrect and unwelcomed. But it will come in a way that many will invite it in, welcome it and embrace with open arms.

What are the 7 Mountains Of Influence I've been speaking of? 

The 7 Mountains are places where all world thought, influence, standards and rule exist. We will discover them positioned and ruling in one of these primary places:

  1. Family
  2. Education
  3. Government
  4. Business
  5. Arts and Entertainment
  6. Media
  7. Religion

God recently spoke to me very specifically on this passage:  Ephesians 3:10: "His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms" . My friends, we must not be ignorant of the spirit world or the spiritual realm as we go through life. Far too many people who claim to be Christians are simply hoping to 'get to heaven' and make it by thread. They live powerless lives and don't understand they are called to be LIGHT to the world.

God's intent goes far beyond just what we can create in a meeting at a local church. His INTENT is that through the church, the group of people who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, that we would make KNOWN the wisdom, the manifold wisdom, of God. And that it would be made known not only IN the earth, but TO the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms.

Who sits in the heavenly realms? Principalities, forces and powers that rule the earth. And get this- the ONLY governing power they have is through people who will allow them to flow through their lives. 

NOW do you see WHY it's so important to stop whining and start reigning? If we don't like what's going on in the world but we are unwilling to live the powerful life God wants us to, positioned in our assignment, it's time to SHUSH UP… or step up!  

In these respective mountains God needs His people to infiltrate, infect and influence. This is not self-made egotistical driven dominionism. This is a mission of love, service, bringing hope, life and answers.

He Who sits on the Throne of Heaven has answers we need in the earth and He is waiting for those who have an assignment to take their place so that He can do the work He desires. Will YOU answer the call?

God gave gifts, talents and abilities and it is through these gifts, in the positioning on the mountain, that we will see answers coming, resources flowing and heaven invading earth IF God's people will get over their own stuff and take their assigned place.

You will encounter opposition. That's a part of the assignment. Wherever you see demons, Jesus is not far away. But we have been called, equipped and empowered to be MORE than conquerors through Him who loved us. That means we're conquerors and MORE than that. 

The 7 Mountains Of Influence are going to see a revolutionary revival like nothing before in recorded history and it is starting now. Your assignment is to sharpen your gift, stir it up, get really good at it and NEVER EVER forget to walk in the Holy Spirit so that the supernatural power can flow through you.

Our greatest talent and ability without God's Spirit can be our destruction. We need supernatural power and supernatural wisdom. We are called to HELP those in authority. We are destined to SERVE those in power. Just read Daniel and see if he ever whined, corrected and spoke judgment against the king. No, I don't think so.

God gave 3 men wisdom 10x greater than they would ever have apart from Him. It was wisdom 10x greater than any astrologer, magician or enchanter would ever encounter. Daniel 1:10. Pay careful attention to how Daniel gains favor and is able to speak to the king. It wasn't with obnoxious arrogance or entitlement, that is for sure.

It's time, my friends. It's time.

I see a vision of the 7 Mountains lighting up like a Christmas tree as the people of God take their place and burn brightly. We are called to burn with love, life, freedom and liberty. We are called to create A Real Change. We are to help and not harm; raise up and not tear down. We are called to swiftly bring change and revival wherever we go and destroy, not pacify, but destroy the works of the devil.

Today, I challenge you. As the great United States Of America celebrates Memorial Day, a day we remember the men and women we've lost in battle as they defended our freedom, I challenge you….. there is a Revolutionary War For Your Future going on RIGHT NOW. It's time YOU took your place!

With love and honor to you,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski, The 7 Mountain Assignment