Facebook has begun to reveal statistics of not only it's users, but what device they are using, what country they are from and more. It's a direct response marketers dream come true! 

More than 469 MILLION users on Facebook are connected through mobile devices and they are engaging, logging in regularly and they are not going away!

Yesterday I was speaking to a VP of Marketing at a company I'm going to be helping with their PPC ads, their Facebook, Twitter and InstaGram.  Now get this, they are a MULTI BILLION dollar brand. They do NOT lack profits. They employ over 4000 people. Yet the thing they need the most help with is bringing that culture into the social media space. We'll be working together to not only do this well, but to create an INFERNO of engaged prospects to their pages and igniting a NEW pulse for their brand through social media.

Let me ask you this in the most sincere way I can-  If a multi-billion dollar brand that employs more than 4000 people want insight, help and personal consultation on how to grow their brand to the mobile marketing culture, what are YOU DOING to grow your brand?

It is my FIRM BELIEF that any brand, any product, any company can change their current sales volume by using Facebook, Twitter and InstaGram and they can ignite things QUICKLY!

During the last 18 months not only have I personally grown a MULTI-MILLION dollar brand myself that serves more than 500,000 people on social media daily, but we've also had record-breaking engagement ratios that are turning the heads of television networks, major social media market reporters, big brands and more!

Look at this on Twitter in the last 30 days – 6.9 THOUSAND RETWEETS, 5.7 THOUSAND FAVORITES! This not only increases engagement, brand influence and effectiveness but it's DOUBLING SALES on a weekly basis!  

On October 26, 2013 I am hosting the biggest event we've ever done for 1000 people where I will reveal to you how to not only tap into this profitable market, but how to do it with less cost, headache and a smaller learning curve than you might have thought. 

WHAT you will learn at this GROUND BREAKING Live TV Quality HD broadcast Virtual Summit:

checkmark Social Media GPS Mobile Marketing Summit How to build a BIG Facebook presence for your business or ministry-  Let me show you how I built a highly-engaged, relationship built and multimillion dollar brand with my Facebook page that now serves more than 233,000 people in under 17 months.

checkmark Social Media GPS Mobile Marketing Summit Utilizing Twitter to communicate with customers- Using Twitter as a company is different than Facebook or any other platform!  I'll share with you how to use Twitter to grow your brand, create HUGE customer loyalty and repeat business. What is the SECRET to getting retweets, shares and shout outs? I'll give you the exact strategies I use daily!

checkmark Social Media GPS Mobile Marketing Summit Photos As Marketing & how to use InstaGram to build your social media presence –  A photo speaks a thousand words and a great photo could make you thousands of dollars VERY QUICKLY! Learn how to use InstaGram, why Facebook started this VIRAL PLATFORM and what it means for you and your business

checkmark Social Media GPS Mobile Marketing Summit Videos on InstaGram For Profits- You've got 15 seconds. What do you say? I'll teach you my best TV style video producing secrets that have brought in sales in a cash producing frenzy!

checkmark Social Media GPS Mobile Marketing Summit Promotions on Twitter and writing better Twitter ads – Writing profitable Twitter ads is a DIFFERENT ANIMAL than Facebook ads. Don't throw your money into the paper shredder trying to GUESS how to make things profitable! I'll teach you EXACTLY what I'm doing to grow my brand and increase sales on Twitter via their ad panel. 

checkmark Social Media GPS Mobile Marketing Summit Engaging with clients and how to create customer loyalty-  Every single day I get emails, direct messages on social media and more asking the INFAMOUS question regarding how to create customers who are loyal to a brand that buy again and again! But this one secret I'll share with you NO ONE is teaching and ironically, no one is doing! 

checkmark Social Media GPS Mobile Marketing Summit What to do when customers complain on your social media presence-  If you build a brand right, you're going to increase sales. And if you INCREASE SALES you're bound to run into mistakes. Face it- mistakes happen in business. We don't plan on it. We don't like it and our CUSTOMERS now have a platform they can tell EVERYONE about it through!  Learn how to deal with mistakes and mishaps when you drop the ball! Also learn how to handle the people who are a little to "Coo Coo For  Cocoa Puffs" who show up on your page and interrupt your good marketing with whining that isn't even legitimate. BEST customer care secrets!

checkmark Social Media GPS Mobile Marketing Summit How to create a WINNING campaign on Facebook for less than $500-If you placed a $500 ad in a magazine I can GUARANTEE you would not get the results I can get with $500 in the Facebook ad manager. Find out why!

checkmark Social Media GPS Mobile Marketing Summit Enhancing the customer experience with social media- How to make your website, social media presence and even emails so enjoyable your open rate, click through rate and conversion issues will be in the past! People will love you and interact with you no matter where you are with this strategy. 

checkmark Social Media GPS Mobile Marketing Summit What is "Social Media Responsibility" ? –  This is a topic that very few talk about and if they do talk about it, they squirrel their way around the bushes and never quite address WHAT to do and WHY it's so critical. We're going to JUMP OVER THE BUSH and talk about this one head on. You'll be more confident and empowered to do things the right way!

checkmark Social Media GPS Mobile Marketing Summit Measuring your brands effectiveness and conversion- What analytic tools can you NOT leave home without?!  I will show you how to find these tools, how to interpret the data and what numbers you don't want to ignore. 

checkmark Social Media GPS Mobile Marketing Summit How to increase your ROI with less hours-  Everyone wants to know the ROI on social media and they whine about ALL THE HOURS that it must take to get tangible and profitable results. But there's a simple way to increase both without spending all day long hooked up to a social media app. Every hour counts. Every minute counts. Let me share my secrets with you to give you more time and profits!

… ‚ÄčAnd so much more!

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I can't wait to be with all of you! 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski   

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