7 Mistakes People Make When Creating And Using A Blog

By: Sandi Krakowski

Creating a blog is one of the most popular, if not the best, ways to attract more clients, make more money and live the life of your dreams. I'll tell you why- a blog connects you quickly with people you would have never had a chance to meet. Meeting more of the right people means more relationships and eventually, if you do it right, more money for your business. 

But what if you do it the 'wrong' way and end up writing article after article after article and NO ONE seems to even know you exist let alone want to connect with you?

Here are 7 mistakes people commonly make with their blog which make their site the best kept secret on the internet-

  1. Blogging sporadically- By simply making a commitment to blog twice per week, preferably Monday and Thursday, thousands of my clients have seen their traffic increase, more opt ins to their list and ultimately, more sales. Sporadic blogging is an indicator you're not serious. Get consistent.
  2. No social media interaction or connection- Always connect your Facebook Page, Twitter Feed and your blog together. Direct people back to your blog. Invite people to follow you and interact on Facebook. Encourage followers to find you and connect on Twitter. The deeper the connection through multiple channels, the greater the result.
  3. Neglected to create a list- WIthout a list you have no business. Period. You can't just 'hope' that eventually your blog visitors will buy something. It's important to utilize email marketing along with regular blogging. Create an opt in that people not only want, but they can't live without. This is your first step to massive lead generation and big list building. 
  4. Using only videos- If you're only using videos and never typing anything into your blog you've got a big problem on your hands. As of today, Google does not spider video content. I think it would be awesome if they did! However…. and this is a big however, video is a huge tool for engagement. We use it regularly! Be sure to add a brief description about your video that is SEO rich. Use conversational copy around your video. Words sell and the words on your blog will get you more visitors.
  5. Always trying to sell something- Please don't make your blog a selling spree. You'll never gain loyal followers and people will not enjoy visiting you again and again if all you ever blog about is your super fantastic protein shake and vitamins! Many of my clients sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in wellness products every year through their blog- but they're not talking about these products on every single page! Build a community, create a movement and your message will be much more powerful. 
  6. One product focused (one note drum)- Just because you are passionate about your product this doesn't mean that you should talking about it 24/7 all day long. A one note drum is boring and typically ignored. Add life, personal interaction and relationship- then add your product to this. 
  7. No focus – If you have no focus on your blog, your clients will have no focus to follow. Get clear on your focus

Big business tip for you today- if you want to not only attract the right clients but you want to have great relationships with them, the 7 things listed above are things to avoid like the plague! You can hope your competitors keep committing these common blog sins but you my friend were created for more. Stay clear and you'll see momentum kick in fast on your blogging efforts!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski