The Young Entrepreneur Program For Youth Who Want A Powerful, Profitable & Purposeful Future!

Dear young entrepreneurs, dreamers, parents and anyone who wants a better future who is between the ages of 16-25,

I have spent the last 24 years home-educating my three sons for success. The definition of success for our lives has been simple: All areas of life. Our goal has always been BEYOND just grades, subjects and accomplishment.

To succeed in using your God-given talents, in your personal calling and desire by impacting the world, living a powerful life, AND being financially independent was our curriculum. Now… I want to help YOUR children!




When a young adult is raised to grow in their gifts, master their God given talent and explore many options for income, career and passions, it has been my experience that they excel at a level that even many adults are shocked by. This generation’s youth are equipped in a unique way for the internet, social media and more to be able to change many industries with revolutionary ideas and solutions.

This course is a “Business For Youth 101” overview of where to start, how to get started and to know whether your passion could be profitable. Given the right surroundings, someone to speak life into their spirit and talent, is an ideal environment for entrepreneurial gifting to work.

As one who walks in the prophetic daily in business, and has covered extensively in my column in Entrepreneur Magazine, faith at work, works. And it works POWERFULLY for youth as well!

I have historically been used to help many young people become ridiculously financially profitable and successful. Stories come in repeatedly of my trainings helping youth from horrible situations, who end up buying houses, making six figures and rewriting their families history.

Bottom line: The experts involved in this course have a track record and want to help any youth who are serious about business.




It is MY desire to bring together some of the most powerful business leaders I know to influence other youth who have a dream for a powerful life!

The Young Entrepreneur Mentorship is a program that is for young people who want more and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there. It is NOT for students who have pushy parents who want them to fulfill their dream for their child’s life. It is NOT for students who hate their teachers, parents and any other adult figure. It IS for students who love life, are not necessarily perfect but have a perfect heart towards God and want to make something amazing out of their life!


This program will include:

HOW to identify what you are designed to do with your life
Plan out how long it will take to accomplish your goals
Look at the realistic aspects of running a business online: costs, time, energy and more
Improve their skill to be masterful
Learn how to start a business as a young person and eventually build a wonderful family
How to dream with God and live out your dream, every single day
Common pitfalls that hold a young entrepreneur back
Incredible opportunities that exist for young entrepreneurs exclusively
How to make money fast to support your business
Writing your first book
Creating videos, audios and more for products
Deciding between college and personal mentorship
How to bring college, mentorship and personal study together
Personal learning habits










  1. Sandi Krakowski – USING social media to build your entire company and managing it on a smartphone.

  2. Jerry Niswander – How to operate in an adults world as a young business owner and communicate well by phone and email.

  3. Perry Marshall – IDENTIFYING traffic sources for your business and how to get your content in front of these traffic sources.

  4. Rochelle Griffin – Your talents, gifts and abilities and how to not go outside of what you are really good at.

  5. Lance Wallnau – The ability to hear from heaven, walk powerfully in what you're divinely wired for!

  6. Jeremy Krakowski – Using video to connect with the whole world.

  7. Holly Krakowski – Making a decision for or against college and accelerated learning.

  8. Brock Shinen – What I've learned in the music industry working with some of the best talent in the world, who were under 21 years old.

  9. Esther Fedorkevich – How to write a manuscript a literary agent will want to read; getting yourself noticed.

  10. Jennifer Allwood – Painting and creating as a business.

  11. Jessica Vaughn – Working hard, staying focused and not becoming a statistic.

  12. SPEAKER X – This is a BIG surprise!


Are YOU Ready To Kickstart The Future?

Limited Space Available






1 Payment of $497

3 Payments of $177

$100 for each additional child

(in the same family, brothers & sisters only)

To enroll an additional child, please send your paid receipt to our client care department and they will make arrangements for the second child to be added.

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