A year ago today I almost had a nervous breakdown….

I was supposed to be on a plane to go to Hawaii for a family vacation. I ended up hospitalized for a week and on over 8 months of bedrest for Addison's disease, multiple spinal cord tumors, over 9 herniated discs and more complications. I sent an email to Jerry Niswander, a man with an incredible reputation for leadership. He was the heart and mind behind Jesus Culture the global movement that has over 3 million people connected to them on social media alone. I knew that he was in a new season of his life, and I was in a desperate place. This is what my email said. " Jerry, I can't do this anymore. I'm sick, I'm weary and what God gave me to take care of is getting to be too much. I'm going to have a nervous breakdown if I don't get some help!" His reply? "Let's talk later today."

After many conversations, much prayer, a few in person meetings and seeking after all God had, A Real Change International Inc, the corporation I had carried for 4 years hired our first CEO, Jerry Niswander. To say it was smooth passage wouldn't be true. I'm an entrepreneur. I don't let go easily. None of us do. Jerry and I had some moments when we wondered if we'd get through them. He was mad, I was mad, we were crying, we were upset… but Holy Spirit would not let us quit. The mission and mandate He had called me to and had given me charge to carry was too great to turn away from.

A global prophet Kris Vallotton had said that God had made me a "Gatekeeper of Social Media". That felt like an understatement. I was being touched by so many of the strongholds, high places and other things that ruled and reigned in this land WHILE at the same time I was being given unusual favor, grace and power to prosper, increase and bless everyone in this realm. Favor with major magazines, major corporations, the executives at some of the largest social media platforms and more. It was many times mind boggling, overwhelming, sobering, humbling, exciting and everything in between.

Through the last year Jerry and I have worked together, prayed together, brought our families together, our spouses, children and my team… and we've pressed into ALL that God has for us. We've been victorious through attacks, opposition and more, which just further confirms the place we’ve been called to. It has been an honor to have Jerry lead this organization, so that I can do, as President and Founder, what God Himself called me to do. God gave us the top floor of an incredible building recently, a 6400 loft space, a dream of mine. Complete with hardwood floors, rustic brick and more, just like the prophetic vision I had two years ago. I saw where we were going but I had NO CLUE how I'd survive and get there.

Well…. here we are, a year later… and I am on my way to Hawaii. I'm 75% stronger physically, we are stronger as an organization, we've just released my book," #BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life" and we are excited about the future…. and believing GOD for blessing, favor and love in this land. It is our honor to be a blessing on social media. It is our mission to love everyone and to make a real change. It is our passion to see transformation and prosperity for all! May God bless YOU and your dreams today!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski #BEMORE