Why Guest Writing Can Build Your List, Increase Your Profits And Can Be More Effective Than Even PPC or Any Other Form Of Advertising Available

By: Sandi Krakowski

If you’ve gone through our video vault you know that one of the keys to growing our list so fast and so quickly was in guest writing. We were able to guest write for several websites, eZines and companies. This caused a high quality connection with people who were our ideal client and in turn, produced a big client base for our company. Even with 120,000 people currently in our customer base, we’re still guest writing. ( and speaking!) It’s a lot of fun!

Many of my Gold and beginning business clients ask me all the time what is the SINGLE biggest thing they can do for exposure to their business that can not only bring great results, but help build their list. My answer is always the same- guest writing.

When we built our first online business our number one mode of communicating with our clients was a newsletter. All of my previous companies were run with a newsletter. This is why it is one of my most favorite and profitable ways to build a business. The format you see here, today, is nothing new. It’s just a leaner more streamlined process, but it’s the same purpose as we’ve always used.

Many online companies have been using newsletters and ezines for years. As a matter of fact most of my companies that I’ve built on line experienced huge growth with one single key factor- guest writing for someone else’s newsletter.

A year ago we stepped out to guest write with some of the largest platforms in the world in the direct response marketing world. Later we no longer had to seek out newsletters to write in, people began seeking us out. To date we’ve been featured in newsletters ranging from marketing to moms to software development and WordPress.

Looking for a way to increase your list, find your ideal client more quickly, build your social media following and not spend a single penny?  Guest writing is how you do that!

Another predominant way we’ve built our companies, including this one, is through PPC ads. Pay Per Click marketing is how we built my hugely successful vitamin and kitchenware stores. PPC is how we generated a ton of home business leads. PPC is how we pushed forward like a tidal wave in the copywriting niche and again did so in the market we’re in presently. But even with PPC, we’ve seen results come through guest writing like nothing else can create.

It could be because most guest writing spots also include an endorsement. You’re being introduced to an audience you have not previously met. This creates a high quality of rapport and connection building. We’ve found when you start out with guest writing or blogging and then move forward into PPC ads, you’ll get an amazing result!

Here are some tips that my coaching clients have used to get some of the best guest writing spots online:

1. Find the TOP websites in your niche and then look for their guest writing policies and their advertising opportunities. Don’t be afraid to write and include an article. DO NOT pitch yourself. Offer to serve the clients of this website. Offer to care for the valued clients of another business owner.

2. Be sure your Alexa rank is below 500,000 before you step out. Otherwise you won’t be taken seriously. 

3. Have at least 10, preferably 15 articles already on your website before you contact other website owners. It proves you know how to write and gives a good example of your skill and your heart.

4. Make sure your keywords and tags on your website are relevant to your niche. A business online is not like a consignment shop- a little of bit of everything does NOT work. Focus and an ideal client is the goal. 

5. Be yourself, be genuine, be sincere. You will most likely be writing to people who are farther down the road than you in success. Honor that and don’t beg, prod or be pushy. Most importantly don’t be cocky, ego centric or obnoxious! 


Guest writing is a great way to grow your business! Find some great websites and newsletters to write for today!  

With love,