Spheres Of Influence

Facebook and Twitter are really easy to use. All you have to do is log into an app and type your words, hit post and it's live.

Depending on how big your following is, thousands of people will instantly see it. The Library of Congress will file it if it's done on Twitter. A cataloging for Open Graph Search will save it, if it's done on Facebook.

It troubles me greatly when I hear pastors, leaders and others referring to social media like it's a ficititious world.  It's a VERY real world and a VERY serious thing. These are real people, with real lives and real stories.

But it's even bigger than that.

Social media is the #1 platform that this entire generation uses globally as it's top means of communication. So that means if you post something on your Facebook or Twitter profile and you are a leader, people will look to it just like they do your books and your blog.  Quite frankly, it will be taken even MORE seriously. People get personal on social media. So if your latest book was a best seller but you're cocky and ranting on your Facebook page, you'll destroy your repuation. Get my drift? 

This kind of thing troubles me greatly when I hear people refer to social media as 'not real'……

Just as the cordless telephone changed the portability of communication in the average home, and the mobile phone (now referred to as a smartphone) changed the ability for us to communicate anywhere in the world, at any time…. social media has also changed how we communicate.  Whether you like it or not, doesn't change a thing. 

Be careful what you rant about, is my point. Do NOT use social media to get your kicks off of intimidating people.  And watch the words you use. As a leader, be careful when you say things like 'ALWAYS and NEVER' .  Absolutes such as this can be dangerous and misleading.

God has given each of us a sphere of influence. In the New Testament it's referred to as a "Metron" and it means a measure that you have been given to influence and have authority over. If people are coming to your Facebook or Twitter page and they are seeking you out, YOU carry a certain metron on these platforms on social media.

If you have 2000 people on Facebook, that is your sphere of influence and authority. If you have 200,000 as we are quickly approaching on our Facebook page, this reveals your sphere of influence and authority.

Use your social media profiles wisely.

Watch your rants.

Be cautious of all-inclusives.

Don't get into arguments and behave.

That is my best advice. If you post something that you later regret, than delete it. We all make mistakes. I sure have. But please, walk wisely. People are looking to you.  Be someone worth following. 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski Find Your Voice and Your Purpose