Twitter Strategies To Use When Engaging With Your Followers and How To Use The Retweet Communication Effectively

In today's episode we are going to talk about Twitter. How to use Twitter for business and how to create wonderful engagement.

Relationship is what will set you apart from all the other "Yay-hoos" who simply want to make a buck and take advantage of people. Rather than thinking short term and 'how much cash can I make' my best marketing advice for you is to GO LONG! Go far! Build an amazing relationship with your clients so that everything you build lasts long!

Learn some best practices when doing a RT-retweet and how to use the @Mention comment . These strategies will show you how to not only make a great impression but will also enable you to make people feel great!

I'll show you what a nutcase looks like on Twitter and what you DO NOT want to do because it's not only old school it's downright egotistical.

Let's get started with today's episode that will help YOU to build a better business, attract more clients and build the business AND the life of your dreams!  Here's today's episode!