I don't have enough time!

By: Sandi Krakowski

5:30 am . I love to have music programmed as my alarm clock, it sets the tone of my day. The alarm sang, "You memorize me." The words to the song spoke of the deep deep love of God and how He knows me intimately. Great start to the day. 

I've heard it said a long time ago that the way you spend the first 2 hours of your day will influence the rest of your day.

If I want a powerful day, the goal is to make sure it's started that way. No negotiating with the alarm clock about how I want more sleep!

If I want a lazy day….. I'll stay in my pajamas until noon. There are scheduled lazy days on my calendar, but make no mistake, pajama working is not a good M.O. of a successful entrepreneur!

Learning to set my attitude and mindset like a thermostat in a home has been a learned skill for me. I'm not influenced like a thermometer, reflecting everything as I go. Rather, I'm a living thermostat, influencing and changing the 'atmosphere' wherever I go… and it has to start with me, first.

Let me share this one fact with you. For some people, it will be completely life changing. For others, you'll nod your head and agree, as it has impacted you as it has me. Here it is. 

God did not create you to struggle. 

He did not design for you to struggle and He did not have a plan at the beginning of time that your days would be created for hardship. He desired that you would live a victorious life and it's my personal opinion that He gave everything we need to get there.

Your life is like a big bank account. The way you spend your time and the way to 'master' your attitude will determine if you'll live an abundant life or one near personal bankruptcy.

Guard your asset, ie your brain.

Take care of your emotions and master your attitude!

Take a good accurate account of every thought and every hour in your business. Where are you spending your time and how are you spending or using your thoughts?  Because that my friend is the key. Your life is being "spent" everyday. Use it wisely and it will 'pay you back' abundantly!  

With love,

Sandi Krakowski