Many of you have heard, I made my first million without any kind of business training. Really. No training, no mentor, nobody. But more important than that, it is crucial for you to understand how broken I was. I wasn’t making decisions with millions in mind; I was in survival mode, and a big part of my survival was my spirituality. That is why I am reaching out to others now as I write a book about spirituality and business and why we can’t separate the two.

I soon started to realize that some of my tools of survival – and business – were very different than what people were teaching in business schools. But those unconventional tools are absolutely what shaped my career as a prominent entrepreneur, and they are absolutely what pulled me out of depression.

Like I said before, I was broken. I sought healing in more ways than one, but I kept going back to one place: God. So I can’t tell you about tools and strategies that helped me millions without getting spiritual.

When I built my very first business plan, I didn’t set out to find my ideal client or strategize to find or develop a product everybody can buy. I didn’t start out with a business strategy in mind. Instead, I sought after God and asked him for courage and grace and wisdom that I lacked. Then eventually, I could look back and see that I was successfully building a business without even realizing it.

There are so many of you out there who want to pursue God’s purpose for your life and feel called to build a business, so I want to share with you a few morning rituals that helped me make my first million at thirty years old.

  1. Get alone and quiet the rest of the world around you.

If you are like me, then from the moment you open your eyes in the morning you are thinking of all the things you didn’t get done yesterday, all the things you have to do today, and you already start to stress out about the fact that you’re afraid you won’t get it all done. I had to learn how to silence that beast. I need to start each day by silencing the rest of the world to refocus on what truly matters – being a good steward and using my gifts and talents accurately for God.

It is so easy to wake up and hit the floor running, moving from one task to another. It is easy to focus on our worldly needs and forget our spiritual needs. But at the end of the day – or better yet the beginning of the day – we need to focus on what our soul and spirit needs too.

Attending to the needs of your soul and your spirit will actually make your business and your success go farther than you could ever dream possible. You can’t successfully build a business based on your own energy or ideas. You have to bring the Kingdom of Heaven into your business, and therefore into your daily life as well.

  1. Ask God questions – and be prepared for answers.

My main business strategy is just to ask God what I need for today. The Bible teaches us to pray, “Lord, give us this day, our daily bread.” Not our weekly bread, or our quarterly bread, or our annual bread. Our DAILY bread. So I start each day by getting alone and asking God to provide me with the sustenance and inspiration and knowledge that I need for that day.

In fact, one of the first things I did in starting out was teach women how to make bread. I knew God was calling me to build a business that solves the problems of the world, and teaching women to make bread was a first step. I taught them all kinds of womanly arts, and those lessons relieved a lot of stress for a lot of women. I taught them how to meal plan, how to save money on their budget, how to cook from scratch, and how to truly enjoy raising kids. And just like that, problems started to disappear for those women, starting with a couple loaves of bread.

It is amazing what can happen when you sit still with God and ask him questions.

  1. Don’t be afraid to switch it up.

I’m a very fluid and organic person, so if my morning routine starts feeling too scripted, I’ll go somewhere else or I’ll do something else. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I might feel like this mental block or this spiritual pressure and I feel as though can’t talk or pray. I might feel like my tongue is all tied, so what I’ll do is just get up and dance. Just break the atmosphere and dance. Or I might just lie on the floor and be quiet and let some worship music sing over me. Sometimes I can’t even listen to worship music. I just need instrumental music, and I’ll listen to that.

Here is my final encouragement: you cannot go wrong with taking half an hour in the morning and giving it to God. Spend some quiet time with no agendas and no goals. Just be still. When you are in the presence of God, He will give you new energy and ideas and strategies for each new day.

With love and gratitude-

Sandi Krakowski