The writer’s life to me is a life of freedom, a life of no boundaries for income and a lifestyle where all things mesh together to create the desire of my dreams.

Many people have dreams in their heart and some achieve them. My goal in life is to leave with no regrets. Having tasted death more than once with a few life threatening illnesses I am very serious about that goal.

In my passion and pursuit of this freedom for our family, I have owned businesses for the last 14 years, some successfully and some a nightmare. This is quite typical I have come to find out as I have walked this path of being a business owner. But along the way one of the biggest bumps in the road has been a tug at my heart to DO what I was DESIGNED to do, and not just what makes money. I was designed to write.

Living the life I’ve been designed for is something that motivates me to home school my children, live in a remote area on 5.5 acres where every day I get to see deer, fox, and bunnies beyond comprehension. Where I can enjoy air that many times I think comes from heaven directly. Most likely, it’s the surrounding 12 lakes blowing their freshness my way.  It’s a life where I can sip wine at noon if I feel like it and chat with a client on Skype at 3 am as well. My ‘designed’ life is far from a strict schedule but its orderly enough that I can find my way.

What is freedom? For many it might include freedom from financial worries, freedom to live the life of their dreams, freedom to work anywhere, do whatever you want and enjoy your family . For me…. it’s the ability to live, to be, to pause when I want and to truly breathe in all that life offers.

When I fought a life threatening illness several years ago, my outlet was writing. Communication for me has always been easier on paper. Writing has been a source of hope and it enables me to bring that to others.  It’s no small wonder my destiny includes a laptop, pen and paper.

My other businesses have never brought me the total freedom the writer’s life has. As these businesses would grow, customers always wanting help, the more we sold- you start getting customer complaints and returns and need more warehouse space and the list….. goes…. on.  Not that these are necessarily a bad thing, they just weren’t what I desired long term.  As a writer, my lifestyle is far more flexible, does not demand a customer service team and it’s so incredibly full of impact and influence! It motivates me constantly to do better.

Recently on a trip to San Francisco our family of five took off to celebrate my oldest son turning 21 years of age. We had a blast!  We shopped, drove to the bay, walked along the beach,  ate and drank and did more in five days than I thought could be humanly possible!  During our exploits we were wine tasting, one of my favorite things to do. Because of my rapport building skills and the freedom my lifestyle demonstrates I became familiar with the owner of this establishment. I left San Francisco with a part time marketing and copywriting contract with this business owner. We left on a trip for pleasure and I returned with write offs, future business and the realization that my dream life was truly coming to pass.

The writer’s life to me is about freedom to live, freedom to be, and freedom to make an income in the process of living your life. The writer’s life to be is making a living, while REALLY living!
Sandi Krakowski, Indiana