The Big Difference Between Running A Business And Having A Job

By: Sandi Krakowski

Everyday I see people so excited about building their own business and talking about it on Facebook and Twitter. Their excitement inspires me! Their ambition encourages me! But sadly, many will never make the money they are dreaming about.

Many gather on phone lines every single day planning and 'masterminding' together about how rich they are going to get. They have dream boards that cover the entire wall of their office and they already know what clothes they are going to wear on that cruise they're planning.

Sadly, very few will ever get to their cruise, let alone a small boat.

Before it sounds like I'm raining on your parade, my heart and my passion is to cut through the thick schemes and plans that exist online. The kind that gets everyone super excited and motivated, but quite frankly, don't ever help anyone to make any money.

Being excited and motivated is not what puts money in the bank, keeps your doors open or pays the bills. Good old fashioned hard work does. But for some reason, that has become a four letter word.

Work is a privilege and it's an honor. 

Unfortunately, many people have a warped view of work. I don't know when it happened but teenagers don't grow up dreaming about working hard and making a great life for themselves anymore. People whine about not having enough money, or they whine about having too many hours at work. We've come to the place where those who work hard and succeed are oftentimes even judged and discredited. 

My personal mission includes restoring the work ethic and rebuilding fallen walls in many homes.

My desire is to see young men and women grow up with a goal of hard work and the accomplishments it brings, such as a house paid for, a car bought with cash and a debt free lifestyle.

Entrepreneurship is one of the paths to creating such a lifestyle. So, let's talk about the topic of owning your own business. What really makes the difference when it comes to building a business and working a job? Is there a difference and can it affect your business building efforts on a daily basis?

Here are five things that you must have in place to build a thriving business-

#1- Building a business demands that you have your time and your life managed. 

An out of control life cannot build a thriving business, ever. You might be able to fake it for awhile but it will never generate the profits you deserve. Get control of your time and your life and your business will follow.

A business requires hours of operation, a set marketing plan and a commitment to bring value to the marketplace, every single day. As a business owner you will own your time and you do have more flexibility, but don't buy into the nonsense that says you can work whenever you want to. This is a poverty mindset and is rooted in laziness. A real business owner isn't looking for an escape from work. They desire to be the best they can be every single day at their workplace, especially when they are the CEO.

The most successful business owners are not those who dream of never having to work again, but rather, they who have to actually discipline themselves when to not work. Typically, working is an enjoyment for them and they get a rush of out creating a result. But an out of control life and schedule can't thrive for very long. Be sure you're committed  to the long term of your business goals and not just the excitement of 'making a sale'. 

#2- Building a business requires focus. 

Distraction, restlessness and the inability to focus will destroy your business building efforts. There will be days when you'll have to shift between multiple things in one hour, and people will be looking to you for answers. Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to gain more focus? 

A business owner can't use personal issues or any excuse as a reason to not be 100% on game every single day. As a professional athlete is committed to their goal, a business owner must also have a rare commitment that doesn't look for opportunity to shrink back.

Focus is the result of a good diet, enough sleep and plenty of fresh air and exercise. A wise business owner will look at these key factors as being as important as getting the best write-offs they can on their taxes. They are critical ingredients in a long term, low stress, and highly rewarding business. 

#3- Building a thriving business requires a plan. 

When I was bodybuilding I had a workout schedule. Every day of the month mapped out- which days we did arms, which day we beat up the legs, when to do cardio and fat burning, when to cut back on carbs and when to stack up on protein. This is the same mindset and action that a business demands. A plan that is written out and executed.

A plan will save you the drama of trying to make decisions when 'play' calls your name and you know you should be working. It will help you to take the time off you deserve and never feel one ounce of guilt. Create your plan, it is an absolute requirement for business. 

Having a plan, however, is not enough. A business that is thriving is moving forward, always one step ahead of the competition and implements as quickly as they plan. All out massive action is normal mode of operation. 

#4-Building a profitable business requires a mentor. 

Every professional athlete, musician and expert who has gone beyond the norm in any capacity can usually be traced to one common thread-mentorship. When you build a business, you are going to hit some hard roads, stumble a few times, lose money and earn a fortune all in the same year! A mentor gives you a sounding board, a point of reference and experience in which to trust.

The single biggest factor and key to my success in life is related to mentorship. I currently have one mentor I regularly work with for business- Bill Glazer. My spiritual life is thriving and strong because of a spiritual life mentor I work with every few months. These people are ambassadors for truth in my life. Being able to see myself, my business and where I am at accurately takes more than just a mirror.  Mentors in my life give me a confidence that doesn't exist without them. It protects against horrific mistakes, and propels me forward at a rate that working solo could never accomplish.

Find a mentor who has done what you want to do, and has done it over and over again. Make yourself accountable to your mentor. Do not work with mentors who seek to control, dominate and dictate to you. CLUE: If they sound like the "Alpha" and demand you answer, "Ma'am and Sir" it might be a good idea to find a new one. Find a mentor you feel safe with, who inspires but also pushes you forward. Find one who can give tough love without entitlement or abuse.

A thriving business requires a mentor.

When a company is soaring with momentum it is always because of a strong mentor and support system around that company. This is a big reason why we have the Mastermind coaching levels we offer here at A Real Change International, Inc. 

#5- A business cannot be built with an option to fail. 

It cannot ever be a thought. This is not something you 'try out' or 'test out' or 'give it a whirl'. It demands that you always move forward, always improve, celebrate every success and learn from every mistake. Quitting can never, ever be an option in the mind of one building a business. As soon as it becomes an option, the door is now open for failure.

Many in our current generation no longer esteem marriage as sacred. Commitment is no longer esteemed, sacrifice and hard work are now seen as workaholism. While I do reject the notion of working 90 hrs per week, this one thing is true:  If you are going to build a thriving profitable 6 or 7 figure business- it is WORK. There are going to be days and even hours when you feel like throwing in the towel. But the big difference between success and failure is simple- one who didn't quit or give up.

If you leave the door open in marriage to give yourself an exit, you'll gravitate towards that door anytime things get the least bit challenging. The same holds true in business. Leave a door open for quitting and you will SURELY find an exit.

A thriving business is a big commitment and it's a big deal. 

It's not for everyone and it's not easy. But this one thing is true- it could pay you more money, change your heart and the way you think, more than anything in life ever could. My life has been personally transformed and changed inside and out because of my businesses. My mistakes in business nearly killed me…. and it was in business that I found the true love of God, that completely changed me.

Building a business  and being an employee are very different. 

To best describe how I see the biggest challenge of business I'll share one of my favorite sayings from the movie "Alice In Wonderland".  Near the end of the movie, the White Queen gives Alice these words of wisdom: 

"You cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours. Because when you step out to face that creature….. you must step out alone."

I pass these words onto you as well. YOU, my friends, must be willing to step alone.

There will be victories in business, if you choose to move forward each and everyday, that will never be experienced in a role as an employee. There will be new challenges and new goals to chase that you could never encounter if you remain in a job. And…… there are new heights for you, you alone, to reach as a thriving successful business owner, that only business itself can teach you.

If you will stay committed, find a mentor, build a plan, stay focused, manage your life and never, ever quit…. you could end up living a life that is beyond anything you've ever imagined. 

My dream is to help you fulfill your goal

It doesn't matter to me, quite honestly, if you build a business… or if you don't. But this one thing does matter to me enormously…. that if you were designed to build a business, impact the world and bring your blessing to those who need you … yet you never made a firm enough decision to do so, this bothers me more than anything. I want to help you make that decision. Will you?

Dreams that are never reached because of indecision will haunt you for a lifetime. Make a decision today. Either way. Make a decision and then live it out, with all you have! 

With love, 

Sandi Krakowski