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Dear small business owner, aspiring author, musician and anyone else who wants to make money with their product or service on Twitter-

Twitter is a totally different platform when it comes to managing and marketing your business. If you are still just 'throwing things out there' and hoping someone hears you, I've got some critical information you won't want to miss.

It's not about the numbers, it's about engagement.

As  one of the Top Social Media Influencers in the world, it's my job to not only know how to use Twitter for my brand, but it's also my task to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to changes, strategies and everything else in between. The most common thing people tell me about Twitter is that they DON'T know how to use it. Then it gets into more specific concerns. Check this out:

Recent studies show that 45.1% of brands say they struggle with ROI and results. After that, 42.1% struggle with this BIG KEY to success on Twitter- HOW TO BUILD AN AUDIENCE.

If you have 800,000 people following you and less than 1% of that are actually even reading your content, talking back to you and talking about you to their followers, you're stuck. Useless. The platform won't do a thing for you. The secret to increasing sales on Twitter is to have the RIGHT people following you, interacting with you and sharing your content with all of their friends. 

What I want to do is show you how to spend 20 minutes per day building a great brand, increasing engagement and closing more sales ALL without ads, paying for anything and without a college degree on Twitternomics.

You can add thousands of targeted highly engaged followers to your Twitter page each and every month with this simple 20 minute per day system. The goal of Twitter is relationship. Having a great relationship with your ideal clients every single day will change everything for you. Then it's important to be able to read metrics, ROI and more to know what you're doing is working!

I can't tell you how many times people show up in my Inner Circle coaching program who have big Twitter followings because they've taken another 'guru' course and they are completely broke. NOT making any money at all. At the same time many of my top coaching clients are making thousands of dollars every single month with their Twitter followings and now I want to teach YOU exactly what they're doing.

 Everything I teach on this class is absolutely free! NO ADS!


You don't have to do Twitter ads to get a huge following that engages, talks back, RTs and mentions your content. You don't even have to do ads at all to sell a lot of products! Have I done Twitter ads? Absolutely. But the best results I'm seeing on a daily basis are the things I've done for free, consistently, that ANYONE can do with any budget.

Join me RIGHT NOW in this LIVE ON-DEMAND TRAINING CLASS where I will bring you into my "Twitter Scientific Marketing Lab" and you'll be able to see me do every thing I'm doing on a daily basis to build our multimillion dollar brand.

What you'll learn in this class:

  • What to tweet. The basic preliminary step to create great content that people love
  • When to tweet. How to know when to tweet and when NOT to tweet
  • How to get great engagement without tweeting 13,287 per day
  • The top secret strategy I've used to get news reports and journalists following me in seconds
  • Where to connect with TV crews so they will pay attention to your content
  • How to get your favorite celebrity to pay attention to you
  • The proper usage of RT:  Retweet
  • What a 'mention' means on Twitter
  • How to mine the search field of Twitter to gain hundreds of highly targeted followers per day absolutely free
  • Why a verified account is important and HOW TO GET ONE fast
  • The best way to get someone who has a verified account talking back to you
  • How to do a Twitter party that attracts media attention


The "20 Minute Per Day" Twitter Solution For Business is your key to profits and engagement on Twitter!


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How: LIVE Recorded Video Broadcast With Screen Sharing

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This comes with my *no-risk, 60 day unconditional money back guarantee*. I am so convinced that you will have results be satisfied with this class, I’m willing to take the risk of letting you attend the entire class, and then decide if it was for you. *There is NOTHING to lose!*




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