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This is the step by step plan to follow:

#1- WordPress– Go through our free 7-part video series. Once you complete this, move onto the WordPress For the Business Owner Course. You'll learn Keyword Research, how to create widgets, install videos, do headlines, change fonts, create landing pages, sales pages and your opt in form. Everything to get your site up and running!

#2- Web Copy Coaching- Your next step would be a copywriting course that will make it easy for you to write good copy that converts the sale, builds rapport and helps you connect well.

#3- Email Marketing- Then, you want to build a list and keep in contact with your clients. The Email Marketing course will make that really easy to learn and will also give great tips for writing conversational emails that people love to read.

#4- Auto Responder Course- Finally, you'll want auto responders that people can read but never know they were written months ago. Emails that work like magic to keep your clients moving towards their next step. This is a critical skill in your online success.

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 Wordpress I- For the beginning-intermediate level business owner. 6 full hours of learning! Learn WordPress, Web Copy and More! Generate HOT leads, close sales through the written word & create repeat buyers that love you!   Click here for more info    

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Email Profits and Campaigns–  This is an 8 hour class. Learn all the secrets about writing 6-figure campaigns through email! If you have 1000 people on your list you can create an income that pays you every single month by working just a few days per week with these tips! Click here for more info.    

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Web Copy Coaching- This is a 4 hour class. Learn all of my secrets for writing emails, sales copy on website, PPC ads, titles for the best-selling blog posts, direct response mail campaigns and more!  Click here for more info.  

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6-Figure Mastery Program:  All 3 of our top On Demand Learning Classes (above). A total of 18 hours of learning. BEST DEAL!  Click here for special offer   

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Auto Responder Magic Let me teach you my tricks on how to 'wave' your magic wand, whip out auto-responders in less than 30 minutes that are fresh, fast and furious to creating profits that last! Get Started NOW!!!   


Imagine if you will…… having access to one on one sessions in the privacy of your home and office. By reaching to the Masters for your business training you'll have "Insider's Secrets" right at your fingertips! Rich Schefren, Kevin Hogan, Mary Ellen Tribby, Susan Preston, PJ McClure and Sandi Krakowski in ONE power-packed product! These are training methods and secrets you can use anywhere. Email, Website, Direct Mail, Radio…. doesn't matter. THEY WORK! The "Masters" show you how!  Click here now!    

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Secrets, Tools & Methods That MillionaireBusiness Owners Use To Grow Their List  How to go from 500-5000 clients in less than 30 days!