Face it, the way we do business has changed! RADICALLY!

It's no longer an option for a business to be on social media. If you are not you will be sifted out. It's like deciding whether or not you'll use phones in your office or whether or not you'll let people order by phone. That sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Well it's just as ridiculous to not be using social media in today's marketplace.

But what do you do to really MAKE MONEY through social media?

What if you've been posting your pictures, stories, updates and more and no one is buying?  I know how that is. Trust me, when I first started out online, there were so many things I tested, tried and honestly, cried about that didn't work! But it doesn't have to be that way forever.

There is a Step-By-Step process that I am going to call the "Social Media Cash Conversion" process that I've been using as well as our highest paid clients to not only build great relationships, engagement and conversion through social media, they are flat out MAKING CASH!!

Some of our amazing clients…

"Plugging into Sandi Krakowski's Coaching has been one of the best decisions in my life. She has given me a simple, easy to follow plan for success.  Because of her Coaching, I had my first 6 figure year and was able to hire staff to help me expand even further!  I'm excited for what the future holds!" Thank you so much Sandi & PJ ! Jimmy Hays Nelson  

When I first met Sandi on Twitter, I wanted to learn more about WP and  how to write better copy. I had personally built million dollar businesses, but upping my game in a full fledged coaching / consulting business  for creative entrepreneurs was a different business model for me. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the industry experience, I was not communicating as effectively as I could nor was I offering the best programs for my target market. Step in Sandi –  and now in my second year of Diamond Coaching with her, I am a better writer / communicator;  I am completely confident  charging what I’m worth for my private VIP clients; and I am creating more options for teleclasses and group opportunities for helping newer or growing creative product companies. Sandi’s been with me every step of the way! It’s made a huge impact on my bottom line and most of all I am now better equipped to effectively help more creative entrepreneurs turn their big idea into a money making business without going down unnecessary rabbit holes!   Jane Button 

I'm 16 and very thankful to have had a VIP session with Sandi. After meeting, I was able to start my own virtual assisting business and blog. I love serving my clients and having a path to continually design a life I was made to live. I'm making more money every month than most college students make when they graduate!  Bethany Looi 

Being in a super competitive health and fitness business, even as a web developer I knew I had to figure out a way to stand out.  When I met Sandi through my dual career as a photographer, I instantly knew this was my ticket to individuality and really TOUCHING people on a deeper level.  Now with her help, my business is taking off, and I'm in the process of learning even more skills from her to take my businesses to a whole new level!  John Hays

1.5 years ago, God brought Sandi into my life and a wealth of growth.  Before I met Sandi and Pj McClure, I was struggling with false beliefs, crummy mindsets and making about $2000 per year.  After 1 year listening, learning and activating what they teach, my attitude is fresh, my mind is new and I grew my income to $10,000 last year.  At 29, I know my life will be so much more free and a blessing to others for the gift of Sandi and PJ boldly doing what they were designed to do. Bless you and thank you!  Kayla Howard

I began working with Sandi every week in the year 2011 as a Ruby client – My blog grew from posts that did not teach to one that people comment on and can relate too. Sandi taught me to write to the nurses that were coming to the blog so they could relate – read their mind.  My list began to grow, comments began coming in all because they could relate to me. Thank you Sandi, for being the ice breaker to marketing Angela Brooks

Starting a business was the easy part. What I understand now, but didn't 5 years ago starting out, was what leaders meant when they told me in order to grow a bigger business, I had to grow.  Running a $350,000 business is not a part time occupation!! Our business has grown since the beginning of the year, both in size and income…and I'm working far fewer hours, have less stress, and am much happier with who I am as a mom, wife, daughter, friend.. Thank you Sandi Krakowski and Pj McClure and diamond friends. 🙂 Anne Dovel

INTRODUCING… The Social Media Cash Conversion Video School

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The process of running your social media campaigns is about more than just tweets and posts. There is a specific and measurable goal you need to go after every single day. Once you get there, the rest is easy to increase!

Come spend 4 SOLID HOURS WITH ME in our Social Media Cash Conversion Video School, with a live video broadcast where I'll take you inside the back office of my Social Media channels and we'll work together, you and me, to help you increase your cash, write better words, create better relationships AND change your entire business!

Learn how to increase conversion, engage and create a huge client base that generates CASH through the most popular social media channels.

And the best part is, you can do it in under two hours per day!

Social Media marketing doesn't demand you be in front of your computer all day and it doesn't require that you be online all day either!

There are however, strategies you MUST learn.

You can't guess your way through social media like so many business owners are 'trying' to do today. It takes a path that is proven, tested, tried and works for any business model, any product. I'm about to show you that system. Don't miss this! 

One of the biggest KEY FACTORS to success through social media is that everything you do is public. This is actually the BEST thing about social media. It's where most marketers are dropping the ball, leaving money on the table and why YOU can "Cash In!"  


The Social Media Cash Conversion Video School- INSTANT ACCESS where you can learn NOW all the secrets the "Gurus" won't tell you!



Hour 1 will include what positioning settings you MUST have to create cash conversions.

What photos to use and what to avoid so you don't look unprofessional.

Keywords and how to use them in your bio.

What should go in your "About" section on Facebook. You'll learn how to write the section about YOU on your Twitter page so people FIND you in Twitter searches.

We continue with…. How to apply some simple secrets to your Facebook Timeline For Pages, Facebook Personal Profile and Twitter pages to create INSTANT loyalty and greater sales!

There's a psychological process that is going on through social media, whether you know it or not.. but it's really not that complicated to learn.

For the last two years we've been studying, strategizing, learning and CREATING more than a million dollars in profits… (We're almost at 2 million!) and our clients have been having the SAME results we've been having.

Hour one I'll SHOW YOU how to set everything up, so you are POSITIONED for cash conversion. 


Hour two… PHEW, we're now set up. Now we're going to get into some Nitty Gritty COPYWRITING conversion secrets.

Copywriting is a HUGE key to success in social media!

Let me teach you how to "Read Their Mind" as never before demonstrated! You're going to be blown away at how effective this works!

WHAT happens when you say, "Click Here" on social media?

Do people buy more when you say, "BUY this now!"? Or… should you say, "Get it now!" Or…. maybe you should say, "Grab it?" Or what should you say?!

What if you don't say anything about BUY now and you lead people softly to a sales page… and then pray. Will that work?

If you are speaking to people openly and honestly on social media, how on earth do you sell to them without them feeling like you are pimping them like the rest of the nutcase marketers?

These and more questions will be answered . I will show you THREE Copywriting Secrets that when used will increase conversion, engagement and CASH results. YOU CAN'T miss this hour!

Hour three- OK , let's take a break. Grab a snack. Get some protein!! Get some water… 

Now we're going into MORE "Secret Copywriting Tactics" that really are about leadership, how to create a culture and cause people to close themselves when you offer something. 

THIS WILL BE my favorite hour of our entire time together. Serve people, learn to teach them small incremental steps everyday with your respective niche so you are the "go to" person they seek out on a daily basis.  

How to read the DATA that is coming into Facebook through your "Insights" account information and how to MONETIZE IT!

This is where I'll share how authenticity really creates relationships that will not only create more results for you as a business, but it will cause you to attract some of the most beautiful amazing people you will ever have the honor to meet. 

Let me teach you how to have great relationships, ENJOY every single day you spend with your customers and how to serve them and sell more products and services than you EVER thought was possible.  

WORDS that sell will be our topic!

Hour four- STRATEGY… it's time to schedule, seek and say the things we need to.

Schedule at the right times. Be sure you're not scheduling too much. Be sure that some of your scheduling is done ahead of time and some, the morning of your business days.

Seek…. I'm going to show you how to SEEK OUT your ideal clients, find what they are saying, what they want and how to really sell more products!

We need to find the right people to work with.

In this session I'm going to share with you how to increase your Opt Ins to your list, attract people RIGHT TO your Facebook Timeline For Business Pages along with your Twitter feed and how to create a RUSH of clients who want to do business with you.

Lastly, SAY. Copywriting again at a HIGHER level for a culture that uses very few words.

HOW do you convert a sale with 140 characters on Twitter?  

HOW do you get more Opt Ins on Facebook when you can only say a few words.

It's not as hard as you might think. Let my 15 YEARS of business experience prove it to you and I'll also show you, with any business size, how to monetize these secrets. 

This is again where Words That Sell come even more into play. KEY POINT– be very careful watching some of the internet marketers of our day. Many of them are slimy, salesy and they are using techniques that DO NOT work in today's social media culture.

I'm going to show you how to say the right words and you'll never EVER be accused of spam on social media, nor will you feel slimy, salesy or like you're a big bother to everyone! WOOHOO!!!


Are YOU ready to learn Social Media Conversion Secrets With Internet Marketing Millionaire Sandi Krakowski?




  • Full 4-hour Video Module Training Center

  • Full 88 Page Workbook & Listening Guide


INSTANT ACCESS! Take away the fear, confusion and hassle of trying to do social media NOW!





Sandi's 100% Personal Guarantee!

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