How To Schedule Your Life To Mirror Your Heart's Desire & Dreams

By: Sandi Krakowski

Example #1

People have asked me for my schedule for as long as I can remember. "What times do you take a break? Do you ever have a day off? You have SUCH a big company how on EARTH do you do it all?" For some wild reason it seems people have this vision in their head that I rise at 4:00 am and go to bed at midnight and am work all day long, constantly in my office, never taking breaks and that is what they should be modeling.

OH MY GOSH no! Heavens no…. About 8 years ago? Sure. But that almost killed me and it's killing many of you, too. Killing your dreams, destroying your passion, making you feel horrible about your dreams and your desires. Let me come alongside and help you for a little while.

As you can see in example #1- my days have big gaps in them. This is 'scheduled into the week so I can do the things I love, when I want to. I LOVE coaching with clients and these are the highest priority in my company for me. So the schedules are made months in advance and they are held to like glue. Then we have spaces worked in for me to take a walk, do a TurboFire workout, lay on the couch, take off my shoes and breathe awhile. It's really not an impossible dream but it sure does take a lot of self discipline.

When people call me with that JV offer and this opportunity to speak, the goals and plans have already been written out so it's not hard to answer. It's a yes or a no, depending on what we have planned.

My desires and my dreams are really not that removed from each other. I desire to be with my family and take vacations every 3 months, so we do. 14-18 days. I also desire to connect with my clients every single day and 'do life' with them. So that is put into my day as a HIGH priority as well. 

Example #2

One big key problem I see in wannabe business owners is not the intense work load they're carrying but rather, the hours and hours of wasted time spent on Facebook chatting with broke friends about what will work one day. The dreams being done on QVC and the 'map and plan' for when they'll get that next pair of shoes, put ahead of writing amazing content, learning how to do keyword research and developing a deep relationship with their ideal clients.

Every single day hundreds of requests come into our company. Some are to meet with Sandi, talk to Sandi and email Sandi. While my heart is big, my focus is bigger and it's completely impossible for me to speak to everyone. So does that mean I don't care? No, it's the reason why my presence on social media is such a critical key to our success. I can meet everyone there and am able to answer questions and help those who need the help. 

As you can see in Example #2- there are weeks scheduled that I don't work more than 5 hours per week on coaching!! Woohoo! This gave me time to plan for our trip to Maui and pick up my son more than an hour away at the airport, without stress of not getting it done in time.

Example #3

Example #3- shows that in order to get that flex and to be able to have those gaps throughout the month when I want them, there will be weeks when my load is heavier; It's never going more than 20 hours of coaching so that the other 10 hours can be spent on team leadership and writing, doing the things I love like making videos on the fly and talking to all of you!

Social Media doesn't take more than 5 minutes per hour, 10 hours per day. If you did that you'd spend about 5 hours per week. Schedule that in!  Someone who tells me, "Oh my gosh you spend that much time on social media?" I nod yes, and we've made over $2 million dollars in the last 20 months and are loving it!

You can spend your day on the phone or you can schedule in 5 hours per week- it all depends on your schedule.

When people tell me they want to have more time freedom, sadly , I believe most are lazy and just want to stop working. The average family could get out of debt if they simply worked just 4 more hours on a Saturday and stayed focused on what they were doing!

We have a culture that has been programmed to hate work and to be restless. Neither will help you be successful in business.

Schedule in your up time, when you have to be on task and on top of your game! I pay people a great wage to be by my side and keep me on track, all day long. They make sure I don't get distracted, keep my To Do's in front of me and make it their task, the career they are fulfilling, to ensure I'm on top of my game. This my friends is what "TEAM" is all about. Not just one person working their brains out while everyone else is slacking off.

How do you create such a team? Through lots of mistakes, trials and errors and also working with someone who has gone before you, mastering what you need. My mentor Bill Glazer has been invaluable to my success in being able to hire the right people, let those go who need to go and how to create a company that will retain, maintain and grow each and every year.

Your schedule needs to mirror you- your energy level, your desires and your life. When someone says they want to help me with my schedule, I always make sure their personal life mirrors what I want. There's no way someone who is all over the place or as scheduled as a tightly wound up kite is gonna put their hands on my life.

It's taken me 15 years of business and I would love to teach a full day, ALL DAY Saturday clinic, live, with about 500 of you, showing you how to map this out for yourself.

My friends, if you want A Real Change, my suggestion is this. Create one.

With love and so much belief in you!

Sandi Krakowski