Save BIG on some of my BEST classes for 5 days!

Yesterday was a big day here at our corporation. Answers to prayer and some of my personal goals for business that I set for myself when I was 19 years old. Yes, I built my first business when I was a young Mommy, but my business goals started way way before that. It was an incredible thing to see some of this play out before my eyes, like watching a movie that I’ve dreamt about for so many years.
As we celebrate, I want to GIVE BACK to you, our amazing clients, as a ‘tithe’ of sorts for all that you mean to us. I’m not a self-made millionaire. I’ve been very very successful because of the amazingly loyal clients we serve every single day.
For the next 5 DAYS (Thru midnight eastern / 11PM central on August 29th) you’ll find the following items discounted IN A BIG WAY and will show up in your shopping cart. This is a deal that CAN NOT be passed, as some of the items we’ve never discounted. I hope that it helps YOU to accomplish your dreams sooner.
INCLUDED in Discount Pricing:
You’ll find these items listed here:  They are all DISCOUNTED by $100 off or 50% off. If it’s not listed here, it’s not included.
Facebook Ads 2.0(1 Payment Option Only Save $100) This is where 99% of you should go! You’ll get $250 worth of free items to get you started and you can start making money fast on a Facebook page with your home business, small business and network marketing business!
Social Media Masters (50% OFF)  This is where you’ll go AFTER you do Facebook Ads 2.0 and Magnetic Engagement
12 Weeks Your Store(50% OFF)  My TOP RATED eCommerce training!
Opt In Offer Cash(50% OFF) If you want to build a HUGE email list, get this!
Product Release Strategy(50% OFF) The ‘Map” for your next product launch!
Twitter For Business(50% OFF) How to create media attention, do PR and connect with high-profile people on Twitter!
When you get to the point where we are ready to do whatever it takes, as you can see Dawn doing below, I want to be there to serve you. Let’s GO!  You’ll find these product offerings on our Products page linked below. They are all DISCOUNTED in a big way. If it’s not listed here, it’s not included.

With love,
Sandi Krakowski

P.S. No retroactive discounts or other shenanigans. Thanks!