Saturday With Sandi In Dallas, TX

My team and I have been praying and strategizing on how we could help you in a BIG WAY this year! We thought an all-day Saturday With Sandi event might be a great plan. And when we mentioned it on Facebook and Twitter, thousands of people responded by comment, email and DM. "Oh my word!" was my first thought….

We've never done this before. A Saturday With Sandi event where I'll teach strategies and exact techniques I use daily in our business that reaches close to 1 million people internationally. One day- $47!  What do you think? Would you attend?

Here's what we need from you! If you are serious about attending we need to know if we can fit all of you in a hotel or if we need a conference center!

We have a venue secured and a conference facility on stand by… now it's up to you! I'm going to hold a contest for ONE PERSON to win an All-Expenses paid trip to Dallas, TX, sit in the front seat, win an iPad and more!

I'm also bringing gifts, surprises, books, Apple products to give away!

Will I see you there?

Please answer this quick 2-question survey. It will tell my team how to move forward. Once you do, in about 2-3 days, we'll have a place to register and grab your seat. All I can say is this thing is going to COMBUSTULATE and sell out fast!

I can't WAIT to see you!!!!!! I can't wait to GIVE AWAY lots of surprises! Woohoooo!!!!

Let's change the world together.

Here's the survey-